Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 4th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Suraj and Kesar get engaged

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 4th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kabir asking his friend to switch on the light fast. His friend asks if you want to kidnap her or not. Kabir asks him to do as he says. The friend switches on the light. Babu hides behind the pillar. Kabir asks the security guard to be more alert and asks if the guy behind the pillar is guard. The security guard calls other guards and gets Babu caught. Ansh scolds Babu for coming to steal in the house. Queen calls Kabir and asks if the work is done. Kabir says he was about to kidnap Kesar when Babu came and got caught, and now security is doubled, so he can’t do anything. He ends the call and laughs. Suraj asks Kesar, if you are fine. Kesar says yes. Suraj says I want to say something. He says I was wrong, you gave injection to save Maa, but I vent out my frustration on you infront of all, and says I was scared to see Maa in that condition. Kesar says I can understand, and says Maa gave you birth, and gave my life, and says just like you have dedicated your life for her, even I have done the same. She says we can’t see her sad, and our duties are same. He says I understand and I am sorry. Kesar smiles and says I have to give medicine to Masu. Suraj looks on. Baa says we all shall go from here.

Jinal tells that she was scared. Hetal tells that Ambika got heart attack due to Kesar. Jayati says since Kesar came here, nothing is fine, she has planted thorns on our way. Kesar comes to Ambika. Ambika asks her for her special tea. Kesar says Doctor asked you not to drink it. Ambika asks her to sit, and says just as seeing your face, I come to know what is going on in your mind. Kesar asks why you was so worried that you got heart attack. Ambika says I have seen and realized that…Suraj comes and says that I am doing this engagement just for my mother. He says I know what you are thinking and says you don’t know what I have realized. Ambika gets up. Suraj and Kesar asks her not to get up. Suraj says I have realized that Kesar is not right choice for me, but perfect. He says when everyone was panicked and didn’t know what to do, and was blaming her, when Kesar used her presence her mind and saved you. Ambika says she has love for everyone and doesn’t see insult or anger. Suraj says I liked her this quality, I was ready before also, but the reason was you, and now I will do this alliance with my wish, as I have understood that there can be no perfect girl than Kesar for me. He says Kesar will not just be the perfect life partner, but the girl who will be with me in all aspects of life. He asks Ambika if she gives permission then he wants to get engaged to Kesar. Ambika asks Kesar. Kesar nods her head. Ambika says Kesar saved my life today, and today you both increased my life.

Babu tells Queen that he couldn’t kidnap due to Kabir. Kabir asks what was the plan, that I will kidnap the girl then why did you come there? Babu says I didn’t trust you. Kabir says when you didn’t have the mind then why come to do this work. He asks Queen why did he send the goons to his house, if he wanted assurance then would have asked him. The goon says I have come to your house and touched your sister, but Queen stopped me. Kabir asks which hand? He then breaks his hand and beats him, and warns Queen asking him why did he send the goons? Queen tells that he got sure on him now, and tells that only he will do his work and nobody will interfere.

Kabir comes home. Aarti tells about the goons. Kabir says he has put band on their necks. Shakuntala asks why did they come? Kabir says he had taken some money from them. He says Ambika kaki got heart attack and says he will go and see her. Shakuntala says rich people get rich diseases. Hetal, Jayati and Jinal rejoice that Suraj vent out his anger on Kesar and now he will not engaged to her. They are very happy. Baa calls them downstairs. Ambika is standing holding the engagement rings. Hetal says you should have rested. Ambika says she is happy, Suraj and Kesar’s alliance will happen today. Darshan claps while others get upset. Suraj makes Kesar wear the ring. Kesar then makes him wear ring and smiles. Suraj also smiles looking at her. Kabir comes there and gets sad seeing Kesar’s engagement. Suraj and Kesar folds hands before the God. Kesar is very happy. The evil trio gets upset.

Later Kesar removes her bangles and talks to Ambika’s photo. She says I have taken my first step to fulfill your dream and says nobody’s bad sight shall fall on my Masu’s happiness. She looks at her engagement ring, and sees Kabir standing there. She asks what you are doing here and asks did you forget whatever Baa said that day. He says I want to talk to you. She says even I want to talk to you, and thank you, but this is not the right place. Kabir says I was trying to stop you from doing a mistake which you did, you are now engaged.

Precap: Ambika tells Kesar that now she has become Suraj’s fiancé. Hetal says she will get this alliance broken. Kesar hopes to unites Hetal with the family.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


Kajal Aggarwal, Rashmika Mandanna, & Samantha Ruth

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