Kumkum Bhagya 4th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Mehika threatens Prachi to stay away from Ranbir

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Dida says that Ranbir has agreed to stay here because Prachi asked him then what is the problem with it and she knows even the last time Prachi asked Ranbir to stay, Mehika also desires the same. Pallavi questions what is going on here since Mehika wants Ranbir to stay but Akshay does not want it, Manpreet also questions what is the problem with it all and she says that Ranbir can stay here, Akshay replies that he would accept it saying she will always accept the orders of his mother, Mr Tandon questions why is he escalating the situation when he must calm it down, Akshay replies that his father considers Prachi as his own daughter which he has even proved as he cannot see anyone when it comes to her not even his own son, Manpreet asks Akshay to calm down otherwise he would not be able to handle the situation, she apologizes to Pallavi saying that her son does not know what he is saying when he is furious, Akshay says that it is the best thing to always blame him whenever there is any problem. Bua asks Akshay to not be tensed as she has always supported him and would always stand beside him whenever he is wrongfully blamed, she accepts that Akshay has made a lot of mistakes in the past and said things that should not have been spoken but this does not mean he is a wrong person, saying they all have made him into a villain. Bua says Akshay did everything for Prachi, without caring for his pain when Akshay is the child of this family, they should take care of him but not hurt him even more. Bua says she is trying to explain the situation mentioning Prachi is the present wife of Akshay but is also the ex of Ranbir, and now Prachi is stopping Ranbir from leaving so Akshay would not feel bad about it, Bua asks Prachi if she was never able to understand the feelings of Akshay, Ranbir requests Bua jee to not cry as they are not feeling nice to see her cry, he says they are wrong to feel that Prachi is stopping him because of their relation, when she truly gets irritated because of him and why would she let him stay here, the only reason she allowed him to stay here is because he brought back Khushi and he has personal reasons to stay here, Ranbir explains that the doctor told Prachi about all the medicines and he will not be able to go out of the house, Dida asks Pallavi to let Ranbir stay here. Khushi brings the suitcase asking if she should leave, she goes to hug everyone one by one and even hugs Ranbir, Prachi calls khushi towards him saying she should not irritate anyone and even call her each and every day, Prachi also hugs Khushi when she asks her Badi mom if they should leave, Ranbir hugs Dida who also leaves. Ranbir then gets a call from the inspector who asks him to come as the criminal wants to confess on whose orders he kidnapped Khushi. Ranbir tells he wants to leave when Mr Tandon tries to stop Ranbir but he says that he wants to go and find out the truth as nothing is more important for him then his own daughter.

Akshay is sitting have alcohol constantly thinking about how Ranbir threatened to expose him in front of everyone and also when Ranbir was stabbed by the criminal, Prachi got very tensed. Manpreet and Bua are shocked to see him when she asks Akshay what has happened, Akshay asks Manpreet to stay away from him, he says she should go to Ranbir and then kill him because he loves Ranbir a lot, Manpreet tries to say that she really loves him since he is her biological son, Akshay questions why does he not feel it since she always embarrasses him in-front of Ranbir, Bua tries to assure that no one is snatching Prachi from him, Akshay says they say that a son can be evil but this can never happen to a mother however it is true in case of his mother, Bua says that a son should never say such things as it is wrong. Manpreet says that Akshay has forgotten the difference between right and wrong, he forgot to see who was Ranbir protecting as he protected the Prachi whom Akshay loves a lot so what is wrong if she cared for Ranbir. Manpreet says that Akshay said she is a bad mother but in reality he is himself a bad person, Akshay tries to argue with his mother however she leaves saying she would only talk with him when he is in his senses.

Bua questions what can she do for Akshay as he is losing his reputation in front of everyone while that Ranbir is becoming their favourite, bua asks what has he done when she says that Ranbir went to the police station because the criminal wants to confess his crime, Akshay quickly runs out so Bua gets worried.

Mehika is anxiously looking for Bua in her room, she entering asks what has happened when Mehika explains that Ranbir is staying here, Bua asks this is what she desired when Mehika replies she is feeling that Ranbir is going away from her. Bua requests Mehika to calm down as this is not something that they are going to purchase from the market because these things take time, Mehika replies she has tried talking politely but people only take them for granted but she has decided to do the complete opposite of what bua has said, as they sometimes have to snatch the things, Bua exclaims that only Ranbir and Prachi are responsible for this condition of her children, she prays that Bhagwan should give her children what they desire.

Mehika enters her room when she walks out, Prachi asks if she wants anything when Mehika asks her to come inside the room as she wants to talk with her, Mehika questions what does Prachi desire. Prachi asks why is Mehika talking in this way and what is it about. Mehika replies Prachi knows she is about to get married to Ranbir so why is Prachi doing it, when Prachi replies she is not understanding what she is talking of, Mehika replies they all can see it, Mehika explains Prachi is taking care of her fiance but not letting her take care of him, Mehika says that Prachi should not mix her past and present, Mehika explains she felt something weird of Prachi in the past but was always told that she is sensible and can handle things a lot better, Prachi tries to explain there is nothing of the sort when Mehika replies she just wants to tell her that she does not like when Prachi goes near Ranbir.

Ranbir sitting in the car is thinking about how Prachi told him that someone tried to kill her, he thinks Akshay cannot do anything of the sort as he loves Prachi a lot so he has to find the person who is trying to kill Prachi.

Mehika says that she cannot say it any longer that she is not worried because she does not like when Prachi goes near Ranbir so she is for the last time warning her to stay away from her Ranbir. Mehika angrily walks out of the room so Prachi is worried.

Prachi is waiting when she gets a call from Ranbir who asks her to come down as he wants to talk of something important with her,Prachi thinks she has to tell Ranbir about the truth as it is not right.

Ranbir is asking the worker if her son passed the exam when Prachi comes asking if she has wrongly parked her car, Ranbir tries to say but is not able to and even starts fumbling, Prachi holds his hand asking him to relax and asks if he is fine, he replies he is fine now. Ranbir says he wants to thank her because she stopped him from leaving as he wants to stay with her, this is why he even brought something for her. Ranbir takes out the flowers when Prachi asks why did he do as she cannot accept them, Ranbir says she knows they can do it. Prachi gets worried wondering if he has found out that she has not actually married Akshay and is only with him due to the custody of Khushi.

Ranbir asks Prachi to also come as they are leaving, he helps her sit in the car and they both leave.

Mehika sitting in her room is furious while hitting her fingers against the thorns on the rose flower stick, she remembers when Prachi stopped Ranbir from leaving the house and how the three of the were enjoying as a family. Mehika starts removing the rose petals saying even if Ranbir loves her or not, and in the final petals she says he loves her, Mehika exclaims Prachi is trying to steal Ranbir but would not be able to do it as he only loves her, she thinks of telling Bua.

Prachi is smiling looking at the petals while Ranbir is constantly staring at her, Prachi gets a bit uncomfortable, Ranbir asks Prachi if she is fine, she replies nothing has happened to her. Ranbir says she does not seem fine and might be thinking something but she says she is fine, he says he would accept it. Ranbir questions why does he feel she is getting a bit shy, Prachi questions why would she be shy, Ranbir asks who says it as they are wrong, he felt she is getting shy due to the flowers when Prachi replies it is not the reason. Ranbir once again teases her, she after a while asks him to look ahead on the road. Prachi starts playing the son while constantly rubbing the petals, Ranbir asks if the scent is nice, Prachi quickly turns on the volume , she gets a bit uncomfortable hearing the song and tries to change it but Ranbir holding her hand then asks her to relax, Prachi asks Ranbir to stop the car, saying that the adoptive mother of Khushi used to buy these balloons for her which she liked, Ranbir says she can go and buy them while he sitting in the car holds the bouquet.

Ranbir notices how Prachi is not able to cross the road, so thinks of going to help her and then he asks her to hold his hand when she assures she can do everything by herself but he says he gets scared crossing the road alone, Ranbir and Prachi both start selecting the balloons and then finally runs back to their car. Ranbir helps Prachi sit in the car when a transgender comes, Ranbir tries to give her money but she replies she does not want money but just to give them her blessings, Ranbir says they cannot give her anything so she should at least keep the money. The transgender walking realizes that something is wrong, she says that Prachi really needs her blessings so she goes to bless Prachi on her head, explaining that Bhagwan should always make sure she remains married, the Transgender runs away while both Prachi and Ranbir get worried.

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