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Keh Doon Tumhein 5th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Vikrant searches for Kirti

Keh Doon Tumhein 5th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bittu answering the call. Kirti asks did you find about Bittu. Bittu throws the phone and says why is she following me. He picks the phone and messages her. He asks Mirajkar to tell the truth. Mirajkar says you used to go to Mahabaleshwar with Anjali madam. Bittu says Anjali is Kirti’s friend, why are you interfering, you both will die now, you have snatched my brother. He beats Mirajkar. He says I couldn’t save him by this rope, but I will hang you with this. Mirajkar says let me go.

Kirti is with Puru. She asks him to keep the Ganpati clay model with the actual idol. She gets Mirajkar’s message. She is relieved. Mirajkar says let me go. Bittu hangs him on the tree. Mirajkar faints. Bittu leaves from there. Kirti prays to Ganpati. She says I had saved Sarkar today, I have to get justice for Anju, please. Vikrant thinks of Kirti and smiles. He says I love Kirti, she is special, I was waiting for her, she is the one who can change me forever, I want to leave everything for her sake.

He talks to his friend’s pic. He says everyone makes mistakes, everyone has a right to get love, you won’t understand. Madhuri comes to Kirti. She sings and teases her about Vikrant. Shreyas drinks tea. Kirti says I will get the purse. Vikrant removes Kirti’s pic from the board. He keeps it in the poetry book. He looks for his phone. He thinks I got careless, the phone has imp evidences and I have let Kirti take the phone. He goes to meet Kirti. Neha says she has gone to fix your phone. Vikrant worries. Kirti comes out of the phone store. Vikrant comes there. Shreyas sees him. He asks what are you doing here. Vikrant says yes, where is Kirti. Shreyas says he has gone to repair your phone. Bittu sees Kirti. He kidnaps her. The phone and purse fall there. Shreyas says she had given the phone at the nearby store. Shreyas goes to check the store. He says she isn’t here. Bittu drives off and sings. Vikrant says I will find there. He asks the man about Kirti. He says its my phone. He checks the phone. The man doesn’t charge him anything. Vikrant calls Shreyas and says I got my phone, say my thanks to Kirti, find her, I will also find her. Shreyas calls Madhuri and asks is Kirti at home. Madhuri says no. Shreyas says she is missing. Madhuri is shocked. Dadi asks what happened. Madhuri says Kirti is missing.

Jadhav and Garud see Mirajkar in the hospital. They talk to the man who saved Mirajkar. Mirajkar says you will get the reward for this good deed. Madhuri says I m coming, we will find her. She asks Dadi and Neha to take care of Puru. Dadi asks Madhuri to find Kirti. Madhuri worries. Dadi prays for Kirti. Jadhav and Garud think of Bittu, is he behind Mirajkar’s condition. Shreyas calls Jadhav and asks can you come to the market, Kirti is missing, Sarkar is also with me. Jadhav says I m coming in 10 mins. Vikrant calls Kirti. He gets her phone and purse fallen on the ground.

Vikrant says its Kirti’s purse and phone. He looks around. He sees a cctv camera there. Bittu takes Kirti to some place. He says you won’t get saved now. He laughs. Vikrant says don’t panic, nothing happened to Kirti. Madhuri asks Shreyas where is Kirti. Shreyas tells her. He says I informed the police, don’t worry. She cries. Vikrant says we will find out, the store has a cctv camera, we will find out what happened. He asks Shreyas to console Madhuri. Bittu splashes water on Kirti’s face. She opens her eyes and sees him. She screams.

Bittu says I had buried Anjali in that jungle. Vikrant asks why did you kidnap Kirti. Bittu hurts Kirti. Vikrant comes there to save Kirti.

Update Credit to: Amena


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