Katha Ankahee 4th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Katha leaves Viaan.

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Katha assures Aarav that the mother is alright, she tries to calm him down. Meera was showing Katha trailer before the actual bomb blast, Aarav couldn’t handle another person’s story what about Katha. Meera had to do something to shatter Katha’s confidence, tells that its time to say good bye. The nurse inform them about Viaan waking up, Aarav wants to meet him. Katha sends Aarav home, Kavita takes him. Katha goes to meet Viaan.

Viaan mummers Katha’s name, she appears in front of him. Viaan recalls Yuvraj, tells Katha that he knows. Katha already knows, she calms Viaan saying everything is alright . Katha asks if he is in pain, Viaan tells that it doesn’t hurt anymore. Katha cries as Viaan didn’t deserve all that pain. Viaan kisses her hand, she didn’t deserve any of this, her eye cant lie, Viaan request her to to tell the truth. Katha sits beside him. Katha never thought about loving again after Aditya, but it happened, promised to never be afraid after Aarav’s but couldn’t stand Viaan in this condition. She no longer has the strength to hold herself, her world would end after him. Katha tells Viaan that he would stay in her heart forever, time would have proved that. Viaan questions her for talking in past tense. Viaan requests her to sit, past is past, the future is in their hands now. Katha tells Viaan that they can not be together. Viaan refuse to believe that. Katha tells that Yuvraj knows everything, something that should have been buried is now in the open. Viaan will talk to Yuvraj. Katha tells that there is a lot more. Viaan cries, now they are in love, Viaan will replace everything bad. Katha has to leave him for their son. Katha says Viaan that they need to break their relationship for their families or else the truth would break their relation. Viaan questions, it would break her the most. Katha loves Viaan, but she leaves. Viaan tries to go after her, but his physical condition restrained him.

Katha cries near a corner. The doctor and nurse help Viaan get up while he is in trauma. Viaan urges to go after Katha but the doctor doesn’t let him. Ehsan sees Katha crying in the corner, he helps her get up. Katha asks Ehsan to take care of Viaan, there is no one else who can take care of him. Ehsan questions, she will be here to take care of him. Katha tells that she can not be with here after everything happened. Ehsan tells that he knows the truth about how she got money for Aarav’s treatment. Ehsan will never judge Katha for it, both Viaan and Katha deserve each other after all the hate and torment. Ehsan requests Katha not to go, he will fix everything, he is aware about Meera being behind all this. Katha forbids him to do anything or say anything to anyone. Katha leaves.

Aarav hugs Katha as she comes home, he asks If she brought Viaan with her . Viaan shows her a list he made for Viaan. Katha remains silent, asks if Viaan went home, wants to go and meet him. Katha recalls Aarav being in trauma over that made up story. Aarav wants to call Viaan, Katha takes the phone. Viaan is alright. Katha tells that Viaan can not come back in their life, sometimes elder have to make difficult decisions for other people’s benefits. She understands that its hard for Aarav to accept now but one day he will but that will not change their love for Viaan. Aarav cries asking if Katha and Aarav had fight. Aarav asks if it happened because of him. He demands to know the truth. Katha blames the situation, they can not marry. Aarav accuses himself, he leaves to bring Viaan back. Katha stops him, requests him to trust her. Aarav trusts Katha the most but he is really mad at her. He questions her for doing so. Katha can not tell him the reason because he is a kid. Aarav questions, Viaan is not only his father but his Robin, his best friend. Katha begs Aarav to trust her once more.

PRECAP: Kavita questions Katha for not informing her about the breakup. Viaan calls Mr. Garewal to tell that Katha ended their relationship. Mr. Garewal questions Katha. Teeji credits Katha for bringing Viaan back, she needs to make amends. Ehsan tells Viaan about Meer a and her plans.

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