I Woke Up A Vampire Teen Comedy Series Coming to Netflix in October 2023

i woke up a vampire season 1 netflix teen comedy

Pictured: I Woke Up A Vampire – WildBrain

Just in time for Halloween, the Canadian teen-comedy fantasy series I Woke Up A Vampire is coming to Netflix US in October 2023.  We’ve got everything you need to know about I Woke Up A Vampire, including the plot, cast, trailer, and Netflix release date.

I Woke Up A Vampire is an upcoming Internationally Licensed Canadian Netflix Original teen comedy series created, and written by Tommy Lynch. The series was first broadcast in Canada on The Family Channel from May 5th, 2023 to September 1st, 2023.

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When is the I Woke Up A Vampire Netflix release date?

Thanks to the release of the official trailer we can confirm that I Woke Up a Vampire is coming to Netflix on Tuesday, October 17th, 2023.

What is the plot of I Woke Up A Vampire?

The synopsis has been sourced from Netflix:

“Carmie Henley wakes up on her thirteenth birthday to discover she suddenly has supernatural powers. With help from her comic nerd best friend Kev, she discovers she’s a Vampling: half human, half vampire, as depicted in the Blended comic book series about the children of humans and mythical legends. Carmie, who is adopted, finds herself on a journey discovering the who, what, when, where and how of herself. A lot to ask of a kid who’s juggling puberty, the middle school musical, and a Van Helsing on her tail. Carmie finds herself in a unique kid position: she wants to be seen vs. she has to hide.”

Who are the cast members of I Woke Up A Vampire?

Kaileen Angelic Chang plays the lead role of Carmie Henley. Prior to working on the series Kaileen had worked on some short film projects.

kaileen angelic chang i woke up a vampire season 1 netflix teen comedy

Pictured: Kaileen Angelic Chang in I Woke Up A Vampire – WildBrain

Niko Ceci plays the role of Kev Gardner. He has a handful of acting credits to his name such as Odd Squad, Blue’s Clues & You, and Clifford the Big Red Dog.

niko ceci i woke up a vampire season 1 netflix teen comedy

Pictured: Niko Ceci

Zebastin Borjeau plays the role of Dylan Helsing. Outside of Netflix, Zebastin has starred in the Charmed reboot, Chesapeake Shores, and Joe Pickett. He also starred in the horror short Crumbs.

zebastin i woke up a vampire season 1 netflix teen comedy

Pictured: Zebastin Borjeau in Crumbs

The remaining cast members are as follows;

  • Ana Araujo (Come Play) as Leanna
  • Kris Siddiqi (Molly’s Game) as The Collector
  • Aaliyah Cinello (Kim’s Convenience Store) as Madison
  • Delia Lisette Chambers (Spinning Gold) as Jayden Henley
  • Jayd Deroché (The Boys) as Aiden Henley
  • Ipsite Paul (The Handmaid’s Tale) as Aasha Henley
  • Rainbow Sun Francks (High Fidelity) as Bill Henley
  • Charlotte Legault (District 31) as Shapeshifter
  • Will Coombs (Our Son) as Tristan
  • Jillian Welsh (Baroness Von Sketch Show) as Jordan Chase
  • Alyssa Hidalgo (Odd Squad) as Jewel
  • Akin Mponjika (Odd Squad) as Hugar
  • Liyou Abere (The Boys) as Jade
  • Jenni Burke (Half-Baked) as Elaina Johnson

What is the episode count?

There are a total of 16 episodes in the first season.

Each episode has an estimated runtime of 22 minutes.

Episode Titles
  1. Pilot
  2. Power Play
  3. Mirror Mirror
  4. Siblings
  5. Family Tree
  6. Creature Feature
  7. Uncovered
  8. The Musical
  9. My People
  10. Track and Steal
  11. The Dance
  12. Wild and Free
  13. Secrets and Lies
  14. Vamptitude
  15. Fan Con
  16. Family Reunion

Are you looking forward to watching I Woke Up A Vampire on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!


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