Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 4th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao saves the Manager.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 4th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Jijabai asks Karuna and Lakshmi what happened, wonders if they couldn’t sleep after finding Bhim Rao’s truth. She advises them to sleep and meet a new Bhim Rao tomorrow, after that attend the wedding. Jijabai wants them to sleep, they wait for Rama. Jijabai questions, Rama will not bring a storm with her. Lakshmi and Karuna grabs Jijabai demanding her to stay awake till Rama returns with the truth. Rama interrupts asking what happened. Lakshmi tells that Jijabai wants to know the truth, Rama tells that Bhim Rao pretended to lie, she heard him herself, he wanted to levy Deepak from his guilt of disobeying him. Lakshmi tells that Bhim Rao knows the cost of acting big. Jijabai will consider Deepak’s words as the truth.

The manager have a stroke while working, he forbids Bhim Rao from touching him. Deepak requested him to hold his hand and go to hospital. The manager consider nothing else important Infront of his caste. He sends Bhim Rao to call an upper caste from outside. Bhim Rao search for a man but no one was to be found, he saw a cart on his way back. The manager faints, Bhim Rao has to take him to hospital though he is forbidden to touch the manager. Bhim Rao drags the cart, takes the manager to hospital.

Next morning, the manager wakes up, Bhim Rao was standing by his side. The manager wakes up asking how he got him here. Bhim Rao tells that it was necessary to bring him here, the manager get cautious, wants to know if Bhim Rao touch him. The manager was in severe pain. Bhim Rao will not lie, he did touch the manager to bring him to the hospital but his hands were covered. The manager questions. The doctor praises Bhim Rao for bringing the manager here on time, he would have died otherwise. Bhim Rao apologize, he had no other option but to help the manager, couldn’t have let him die there despite the caste difference. Bhim Rao leaves to finish the pending work, he will inform Sethji as well. The manager recalls how he treated Bhim Rao, called him back to ask why he didn’t ask the owner for some rest for himself. Bhim Rao can not rest as he wills to change the world, he can not afford rest. The manager orders Bhim Rao to go home and rest, he will talk to the owner on his behalf. Bhim Rao leaves.

At chawl, Deepak was all dressed as the groom. Everyone else was ready as well. Rama tells that Bhim Rao is not in office. Deepak thinks that Bhim Rao ran to avoid the wedding. Bhim Rao enters the chawl asking Deepak to trust him. Deepak taunts him to get dressed, wear something old since he didn’t shop for the wedding. Bhim Rao will not attend the wedding. Shoba requests, despite everything Deepak loves and respect Bhim Rao. Bhim Rao doesn’t comply with Deepak’s decision. Purushottam wants him to attend the wedding for Deepak’s happiness. Rama sends Bhim Rao to get ready.Shoba asks Deepak to reconsider his decision, Bhim Rao is upset because there is something wrong. Purushottam yells at Shoba for manipulating his son.

Vaijnath and Shishupal visits the manager in the hospital. Vaijath questions him for not attending Deepak’s wedding and how he got here. The manager tells him everything, Bhim Rao told him a lot in one night. Vaijnath taunts him for leave his caste behind. The manager wants to know if Vaijnath would have done the same for him, in-case yes, why don’t he pay the hospital bill. Vaijnath was here to being the manager on the right track, he is wealthy enough to pay the bill himself. Vaijnatha leaves.

Rama knows that Bhim Rao is upset, she tacks out his coat for the event. Bhim Rao consider this as his defeat, so he will not wear this coat to the wedding. Rama asks him to go to the wedding as an elder brother, victory and defeat is not absolute. Guruji told that a result in never finalized till the last breath, not now but he will eventually talk to Deepak. Rama asks him not to interfere, or else he will receive ever lasting taunts about not being happy for Deepak.

The Episode Ends.

Update Credit to: Sona


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