Abhishek Malhan’s Heartfelt Gift to Mom: From Rs 60 Savings to a Grand Gold Necklace Celebration

Abhishek Malhan’s Heartfelt Gift to Mom: From Rs 60 Savings to a Grand Gold Necklace Celebration

Abhishek Malhan, widely recognized from his impactful stint on Bigg Boss OTT 2, recently marked a special occasion by celebrating his mother’s birthday on October 2nd. The reality show star, together with his family, orchestrated a grand surprise for his mother, Dimple Malhan, on her birthday.

Sharing the heartfelt moment, Abhishek documented the celebration in a vlog on his YouTube channel, where he disclosed the extraordinary gift he presented to his mom—a beautiful gold necklace. Reflecting on the past, he opened up about the struggles he and his brother faced in affording a meaningful gift for their mother.

In the video, Abhishek reminisced, saying, “There was a time when I and my brother saved Rs 30 each to get a gift for our mother worth Rs 60. It wasn’t something very special, but we managed to get it for her. Today we got her a beautiful gold necklace, and she is very happy about that.”

Netizens poured their love and admiration for the Malhan brothers in the comment section. One user expressed, “You guys are so inspiring… achieving so much at such a young age is nothing but a great achievement. What you are doing is truly commendable.” Another user commented, “This is probably the cutest thing ever… so cute you guys, and mommy looks so happy after having the gift.” Yet another user added, “You are my inspiration, Abhishek… absolutely love what you do yaar.”

On the professional front, Abhishek Malhan gained popularity through his participation in Bigg Boss OTT 2, earning love and appreciation for his reality show journey. Additionally, he engages and entertains fans through his daily vlogs on YouTube. Speculation also surrounds him as one of the rumored contestants for Bigg Boss 17. Stay tuned for more updates on Abhishek’s exciting journey!


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