Rabb Se Hai Dua 3rd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Haider calls Gazal his wife in front of Dua

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Scene 1
Haider sees Dua hugging Kaynaat and Hafeez, he shouts her name. Dua rushes to him and hugs him tightly but he glares at Kaynaat. Dua says I feel like I am meeting you after years, I am so happy to see you. He pushes her away and says you are happy to destroy my family honor? Dua says what? Haider says I know my family did wrong with you but you were nice so how could you use my sister, you were ready to destroy her life. I can’t believe that you and your brother plotted to make Kaynaat run away from him, just to punish me? you are worst than an enemy. Dua says Kaynaat is like my sister so don’t even think I will try to destroy her life, don’t blame me. Haider says I saw everything with my eyes, I saw you provoking Hafeez and Kaynaat, you should have stopped her but you gave her guts. Dua says I didn’t do anything. Haider says you did everything, I called you but you didn’t take my call. You called Kaynaat last time and now you are here. This is a proof that you plotted all this. Dua says its not like that. Haider says stop lying, I won’t spare you, you should be ashamed of doing all this. Dua says you have to listen to me. Haider says enough, you could have punished me but I can’t bear you hurting my family, please just kill me. He takes her hands and starts slapping him. Ruhaan is about to stop him but Gulnaz comes there and pulls him back, he says don’t interfere between them, if you stop them then you will see my dead face. Haider shouts at Dua to leave him alone, I married another woman because of my mother but you kept insulting me instead of trying to understand me. You made my mother, me and Ruhaan go to jail, I still take your side but your hatred never ended, you tried to destroy my sister’s honor and I can’t forgive you for that. Kaynaat says its not her fault. Gazal slaps her hard and says you should be ashamed of even talking after what you did. Dua says how dare you hurt our Kaynaat. Gazal says she is our Kaynaat, you are her enemy, you provoked her to go against her family, you have no shame, you are worst than your brother, you are a characterless woman. Kaynaat asks her to stay in her limits. Gazal slaps her again and says how dare you. Haider stands in front of her and says she is my sister. Gazal says she doesn’t understand who their family members are. Dua says you shouldn’t dare to hurt her, she is about to slap her but Haider holds her hand back. Dua is shocked and says you are stopping me? Haider says I am trying to save my family honor. Dua says Kaynaat is my sister in law. Haider shouts Gazal is her sister in law, you are nothing to her, I already divorced you. I can’t believe you would use my sister against me. Dua says you are wrong. Haider says then promise me that your brother didn’t use Kaynaat to hurt us, tell me your family didn’t plan to use Kaynaat against us? Dua recalls Hamida and Hafeez plotting and thinks she can’t promise him that. Dua says I can’t do that. Kaynaat says you are thinking wrong. I will clarify everything. Gazal stops her and says you have already destroyed our honor, you should be ashamed. Kaynaat says I want to talk to my brother. Gazal says he is my husband and stay in your limits. Dua tells Haider that he is blind to not hear anyone but can you listen to Ruhaan at least? She looks around for Ruhaan but can’t find him.

Gulnaz tells Ruhaan that if he tries to stop Haider then she will kill herself, she takes out poison. Ruhaan says you won’t drink it, you can’t fool me anymore, I have to help Dua today, I am sorry. He starts leaving but she says wow, you are choosing Dua over me right? She drinks poison so he rushes to her and takes her to the hospital.

Dua is looking around for Ruhaan but Haider says you are still lying, why would he be with you? Dua says he came to apologize to me, he knows everything. You can check as Ruhaan called you last time. Haider shows his phone but there is no call from Ruhaan. Gazal had deleted it beforehand. Haider tells Dua to stop lying. Dua says I am not, she calls Ruhaan but he is not picking. Ruhaan sees Dua calling but thinks he has to take Gulnaz to the hospital first. Gulnaz smirks and thinks now Haider and Dua will be separated. Otherside Haider tells Dua to stop lying. Kaynaat says she isn’t lying, at least listen to her. Haider says enough, I don’t need her taking your side. Kaynaat says you are blinded by this cheap woman Gazal. Gazal is about to slap her again but Hafeez pushes her away and says don’t you dare touch my Kaynaat otherwise I won’t spare you. Gazal says I am not scared of your threats. Stay in your limits. Hafeez says you are a characterless woman, I wish I had no manners so I would have showed you your status. Gazal says Kaynaat will be punished for running away with you. Hafeez tries to stop her but Gazal falls down. Haider holds her and slaps Hafeez hard, he shouts how dare you touch my wife? Dua is shocked hearing that. Gazal smirks.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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