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Parineeti 3rd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti hears about Bebe putting Gurpreet in coma

Parineeti 3rd October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
The doctor tells the family that Gurpreet went in a coma. Pari panics and asks when she will wake up? The doctor says she lost oxygen for a long time so she went in a coma. Pari asks if she can meet her? she says yes. Pami asks Sanju to stay with Pari, she will go for the paperwork. Bebe smirks and leaves from there. Neeti goes with her.

Bebe calls Shanku and he asks for his money. She says you didn’t do my work. Shanku shouts enough, I want my money. Bebe says you are all useless, I did my work better than you, I have put Gurpreet in coma. She ends the call and turns to see Neeti standing there. She is shocked.

Pari comes to Gurpreet’s room and sees her lying in coma. She cries and says I should have listened to you and went back with you, I shouldn’t have called you here. Its all my fault, that man wanted to kill me but you saved me, we all need you, you shouldn’t have saved me. She says you shouldn’t have put your life in danger for me, I can’t see you like this, please don’t punish me like this. She cries and hears Gurpreet murmuring. Pari calls for a doctor but Gurpreet goes back in the coma. The doctor comes and checks her, she says she is still in coma. Pari says she was trying to talk. The doctor says she is trying to tell you something, she is still in coma though, she leaves. Pari hugs her and cries. Sanju and Pami come there. Pari cries and says I am all alone now. Sanju says I will take care of you. Pami promises Gurpreet to take care of Pari and says I am your mother, I will always take care of you.

Neeti comes to Bebe and says you always do what you shouldn’t. I told you we can’t hurt anyone else than Pari but you have crossed all limits. Bebe says I did it for you. Neeti says you have no heart, Gurpreet is like my mother and you just don’t care. Bebe says I opened your eyes but you are thankless. Neeti says Pari’s mother is my mother, I can never forgive you for this, I shouldn’t have done this. She prays for Gurpreet and tells Bebe that she won’t forgive her for this, if anything happens to her then she won’t spare her. Bebe says I am not scared of you, you are thankless, Gurpreet heard me talking with Shanku and she might have doubted you so I had to do this but you are thankless, I won’t help you anymore, don’t come to me for any help, she leaves.

Scene 2
All family members come home and are sad. Bebe says I am tired and leaves. Pami tells Bubbly and Pari to go and rest. Pari says we don’t need anything. Pami asks her to calm down and leaves. Neeti is sadly looking at Pari and Bubbly. Bubbly takes Pari from there. Sanju sadly looks at them. He recalls his moments with Pari.

Neeti sits alone and recalls Pari hugging her and says I am sorry Gurpreet, this all happened because of me, I never wanted to hurt you, I am sorry. Bebe sees her and goes to Gurvindar. She tells her why was she saying showing concern for Gurpreet? Gurvindar says Neeti is my real daughter in law but I felt for Gurvindar, we have to keep Pari here now because she has no one now.

Sanju thinks Pari is in this condition because of me, I have to make her life fine.

Pari and Bubbly are sadly sitting. They both recall their moments with Gurpreet and cry. Pari says I can’t be this weak, Bubbly says how will we live without Gurpreet? she was always with us. Pami comes there and hears them. Bubbly says I can’t live without her. Pari says I am with you, she will be fine soon, don’t worry. Pami consoles them and says Gurpreet is in coma but she will be hurt sensing you both cry. She asks them to drink some milk. Sanju comes there. Pari says I can’t drink it. Sanju says you have to, for me please. Neeti comes there and sees Sanju making Pari drink milk, she gets angry.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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