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Pandya Store 4th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Makhwana brothers get captured

Pandya Store 4th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the workers getting angry and going to beat Amrish and his brothers. They scold Amrish for insulting them. They break the things in the office. Natasha climbs up in the vehicle. She falls. Dhawal holds her in arms. He helps her and they go in the crane. Pal….plays… They have a moment. He asks the man to get then down. A man drags Dhawal. Dhawal holds Natasha. He scolds the worker. The worker says you have to come with me, Amrish is waiting, come. Natasha asks why did the worker take him like that. She asks Neetu to go home. She follows Dhawal. Amba makes the bahus wash the stained clothes. The worker gets Dhawal to Amrish and says the matter is big. Dhawal asks what happened. The worker says one of our worker got injured in the accident, you said we have no value. Amrish says I told you to take him to the reputed hospital, we will pay for his expenses, what do you want. The worker says we want 50 lakhs and your resignation. Amrish says this didn’t happen before, we have paid the compensation. The worker says you treat us like insects, you have to resign. Dhawal asks them to calm down. Natasha looks on. The worker says you four will become our hostage if you don’t listen. They take their phones. Natasha says I have to call the police, no, matter can get spoiled, I have to do it in Pandya style. She calls Hetal.

She tells everything on call. She says we have to free Makhwana brothers. Hetal asks what. She says we have to go and do something. Pranali and Dolly agree. The worker says they won’t listen to us like this, we have to explain them in their language. They start breaking the things in the office.

They threaten Amrish. Natasha worries. Amba says we will go and see the bahus. She sees her bahus leaving. She asks where are you going. Hetal says Natasha called and said there is a problem at the site. The workers start beating Chirag and Dhawal. Amrish says stop it. The worker scolds Chirag. The worker gets a call and says fine, you took him to the hospital, Amrish isn’t giving money. Natasha thinks to find some other way. She goes to him and asks about the injured worker. The worker asks who are you, his name is Anil and he is taken to the city hospital. He asks why are you asking. She runs. Amba says she might have done something, why would you go, I will go there, my children need me. Dolly says you said you have back ache, if anyone pushes you and your back breaks then your recovery will get slow in this age. Amba argues and asks them to come along. Natasha thinks who to ask money, there is no way, I will call Suman.

She calls Suman. She says I want 50000rs, send it to me by Shesh and Mittu. Suman asks why, is everything fine. Natasha says a worker got injured. Suman says call Amrish. Natasha says there is no one here, please send the money. Suman asks Chiku to come with her. He says I have much work. She says Anil got injured on Amrish’s site, I have to send money for his treatment. Dhawal asks are you fine. Chirag nods. Dhawal says Natasha and my friends also came here, shall I call, I will try. He asks the worker to let him make a call. The worker scolds him. Amrish says enough now, I will die but I will not give any compensation or resign, do anything, don’t threaten me. The worker breaks a glass bottle and goes to Amrish. The brothers stop the worker and say don’t get angry, respect Amrish, please talk sensibly. The worker says just sit in your place.

Bhaven says they can do anything in anger, you resign if they want, just for few days, tell them I m the director. Amrish scolds him. Bhaven says I m saying the right thing. Chirag says he finally told his feelings. A worker throws a knife at Chirag. Amrish shouts Chirag. The worker asks them to sit quiet. He says I give you half an hour, your site and office will be ruined, we will burn you along with it. Natasha worries seeing the protest. Amba and bahus come. Natasha tells them everything. Amba is shocked.

Dhawal asks Natasha to listen to him. She scolds him for cheating her. She says I will see how you built your mall.

Update Credit to: Amena


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