Katha Ankahee 3rd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Meera threatens Katha.

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Meera warns Katha about Aarav, what would an eight year old feel after knowing that his father hurt his mother, what his mother went through for his treatment. Aarav loves and trusts Viaan, what would he feel after the truth is revealed.

Aarav enters the hospital with Kavita.

Katha questions Meera for telling Aarav the truth, what did Katha do to make Meera go this low. Meera hates women like Katha who ruined her family, took her son away from him. Teeji and Meera never accepted Katha, a single mother like her, Meera lived the trauma but Teeji wont be able to survive. Aarav is heir of Garewal family, she doesn’t want him to be part of Raghuvanshi’s.
Aarav visits Viaan in the hospital room, he kisses the tattoo. Aarav cries asking him to return home, he will taken care of, watch all his favorite movies, feed him his favorite meals. Aarav begs him to recover fast. Kavita consoles Aarav, he asks if Viaan misses him or not.

Meera has no choice, asks Katha if she should tell Aarav. Meera leaves to inform Aarav. Katha stops her, Aarav is innocent, he doesn’t have memory of his father, after years his found Viaan as a father figure. Katha wants to know if Meera is comfortable stealing that happiness from a child. Meera isn’t stealing is from him but what if he finds it from somewhere else, he will live in depression for being the reason behind his mother’s misery. Katha has one option and that is to leave Viaan forever, Yuvraj has left no option for this relationship to last.

Kavita apologizes to Viaan’s on Yuvraj’s behalf, she requests for another chance. Aarav leaves a card on Viaan’s side table, gives him a peck on forehead before leaving.

Meera questions Katha about his courage to fight for her son, she once fought for Aarav’s life now she must fight for his future. Mothers have to make tough decision, Meera is protecting her son like Katha is protecting his. Meera recalls the sun and moon painting she gifted Katha, sun and moon room in the same circle but they never unite, like Viaan and Katha’s destiny. Katha thinks that they unite, that magic of love, like rest of the world, Viaan and Katha never imagined being together but love comes as a merical. Katha challenges Meera to come with all evil she has, Katha will not abandon Viaan.

Aarav wants to meet his mother, Katha hugs him. Aarav asks her about Viaan, asks when will he wake up an return home. Katha assures his speedy recovery, them being around would help him recover fast. Katha takes Aarav inside, she kisses Viaan on the forehead, notices the card, tells Aarav to put it near him. They both held Viaan’s hand. The doctor come in, Katha asks about Viaan’s condition. The doctor takes Katha aside to tell that his vitals aren’t stable, he hasn’t waken up as well which is dangerous. It necessary for him to wake up early. Katha takes Aarav and Kavita to pray for Viaan.

Next morning, Ehsan and Vanya wait in the conference room. Vanya recalls him confession, wants to talk to Ehsan. The vendor comes apologizing for the mistake made by his men, he was late due to delayed flight. Ehsan threatens the vendor, wants to know who made him blackmail Vanya. The man tells that Meera asked him to keep Ehsan and Vanya occupied. Ehsan was shocked, Meera is still planning and plotting, wonders what she must be doing in the hospital. Ehsan and Vanya rushes to the hospital.

Katha, Aarav and Kavita pray for Viaan. Viaan starts blinking. The doctor examines him, his blood press was getting under control. Katha bows down her head, she leaves realizing Aarav not sitting beside her. Katha and Kavita asks hospital staff about Aarav. Katha finds him talking to Meera, she suddenly recalls Meera threatening to inform Aarav everything. Katha shouts asking him to wait, hugs him, Aarav can not take breath, he asks how can anyone hurt someone’s mother like that, Meera told him about a friend whose mother became friends with the wrong person, the child saw that person shouting his mother than her jumping down the balcony. Meera assures that his mother will be alright.

PRECAP: Katha leaves after telling Viaan that they can not be together, Viaan tries to go after her.

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