Agnisakshi 3rd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Jeevika finds Rajnandini’s bracelet

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Jeevika’s mother warns her about Rajnandini. Jeevika asks that why is she saying that. Her mother tells her that Rajnandini also knew the fact that she cant conceive, even before her marriage and it was her plan to not tell you about anything. That the reason why she did all the promises. Jeevika and her mother recalls Rajnandini’s words. Jeevika tells her mother, but sister in law told her that she told her about all this. Jeevika gets confused and questions that why did she even lie? Jeevika’s mother tells her that Rajnandini is an evil person and carrying so many sins. Jeevika’s mother tells Jeevika that it’s time to expose Rajnandini, and asks if she’s ready for it?

Satvik is reading a magazine. Rajnandini shows up and tries to talk with him. Satvik is upset and doesn’t replies. She gets what is he trying to do, but again tries to talk to him. Satvik replies that he can hear her, but doesn’t want to give a reply. She tries to joke with Satvik. She apologises to Satvik. Satvik says that he cannot forgive her after the event. Rajnandini says that she got baffled and didn’t knew what to do. Satvik says that he thought his sister in law can never make mistakes, she proved him wrong. Satvik gets up and goes to his ber. Rajnandini gets frustrated.

Jeevika’s brother in law apologises to Jeevika. Jeevika forgives him by saying that she knew he was helpless at the situation, and must have helped her if the situation wasn’t same. He asks Jeevika if she’s thinking of Rajnandini? Jeevika says that she’s still confused that why did she even do that. He tells Jeevika to be patient and see her real face. Jeevika asks that why isn’t he telling her everything. He tells Jeevika that if there weren’t these many lives at stake, he might have already told her. Jeevika gets confused. He tells Jeevika that he will tell everything soon.

Rajnandini’s sister asks if she’s okay? She tells her that her plan got destroyed. Rajnandini gets furious and says that she’s not used to defeats. She orders her younger sister to leave the room. Rajnandini says, it not a big deal if she missed her target, she already got so many other plans.

Juhi sister is pouring milk in a glass, but accidentally burns her hands. Jeevika shows up and puts ice on her palms to reduce the pain. Juhi initially yelled at her but now she thanks her for helping her. Juhi remembers how she stopped her from getting kicked out of the house. Jeevika thanks Juhi and tells her that Satvik told her that she was the one asked Satvik to help her. Juhi tells Jeevika to refrain from telling this to her elder sister. Jeevika smiles and says that he will not tell anyone, and says that she will always be there for her. Juhi gets comforted. Juhi leaves the kitchen. Jeevika pours the remaining milk.

Satvik comes downstairs. His younger brother tells him that he’s really proud of him and the actions he pulled for Jeevika. He tells Satvik that he wanted to tell him something. He tells him there was a lot going on this house, and Rajnandini knew everything prior, Sukanya said. Satvik says that he’s confused.

Rajnandini apologises to Jeevika and tries to manipulate her by crying and tells her that nobody believes her, she the only one who will listen to her. Rajnandini says that they cannot afford to break this relation, just because of a minor event. Jeevika stays quiet and Rajnandini thinks that she manipulated her.

Jeevika is sitting on her bed recalling everything that happened. Satvik shows up and asks her that why is she so stressed, if she’s again thinking about Rajnandini? Jeevika says, yes. Satvik tells her about his behavioural plan, and counts many possibilities.

Jeevika is praying to god, and requests for blessings. Aadhya comes upto her and shows her the saree that she was finding. Jeevika feels happy for her. She tells Jeevika how much she likes the saree. She shows Jeevika a bracelet and asks if she can wear it too. Jeevika says nothing. Aadhya asks if shes being reluctant because this bracelet belongs to Rajnandini? Jeevika gets confused. Aadhya gives her the bracelet and leaves to get ready. Jeevika gets so many questions in her head.

Precap: Rajnandini says to Jeevika that she must be misunderstood. Jeevika says enough of the lies now, in next 7 days I will throw you out of this house.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


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