Titli 3rd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Titli trusts Garv

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The Episode starts with Titli starting a drama and crying aloud. She asks constable to help her. She asks how will I live with this burden, whatever happened with that woman. Constable asks her to sit and have water. Titli drinks some water. She says I just want to apologize to that woman for my husband’s act, please give me her number for the sake of humanity. Constable says fine, don’t tell anyone about this. She gives the number. Titli thanks her. Koel asks how dare you say nonsense about my bahu. Megha says try to understand. Koel scolds her. Maina says I have stopped her here, listen to her once. Koel says no. Maina says she is a doctor, she has knowledge, she isn’t selfish like Titli. Megha explains Koel… Titli has forced Garv to change, we humans can’t suppress our feelings, we don’t know how the anger bursts out. Koel says I don’t understand, I know Garv and Titli better than you. Megha says Garv is in this state because of Titli. Maina says I knew it. Koel says you are doubting Titli. Maina says yes, she wants to change everything, you also changed. Maina argues. Manikant comes. Koel asks where is Garv. Titli and Garv come. Koel asks Garv are you fine. Manikant says my self esteem got hurt, Garv has become a criminal, I hate Garv, I had to beg the policemen for him. Koel asks what are you saying. He says he made a mistake. Garv goes.

Titli taunts Manikant. She says sorry, but this is the truth, if your lie came out, then no one would have forgiven you. He goes. She prays for Garv. She thinks to call that woman. Garv says I don’t remember anything. Megha comes to him and says I can understand, its not your mistake. Titli calls that number. Garv asks how can you say that. Megha shows the glass of water, half filled, and says we have own perception, don’t change yourself, Titli isn’t understanding. Titli comes there and sees them. Megha says I was explaining Garv. Titli says thanks, my husband understood, I have to talk to him in private, you can go. Megha leaves. Titli packs her bags and asks Garv not to stop her. Chiku comes and says you can’t go anywhere. He asks Garv to stop Titli. He says I like her a lot, you also like her, right, don’t let her go. Garv says a lot. Chiku says then stop her, I will do something.

He asks Titli not to go. Garv says don’t stop her, I have hurt her a lot and broke her faith. Chiku says you apologize to her, hold ears and do sit ups. Garv does it and says sorry. Titli says say sorry to that woman. Garv says yes, I will tell her sorry, please don’t leave me and go. She asks do you remember her face. He says no, she was wearing a burqa. He calls the number and says its not reachable. She says it’s a wrong number, she didn’t show her face to you and gave her wrong number, you are a lawyer, don’t you understand, someone tried to frame you, you are stupid. She smiles. Chiku says you aren’t angry now. She says don’t worry, we will find her and why did she do this. Garv says yes, but you were packing the clothes. She laughs and says I m giving the clothes for laundry. Chiku gets happy. Garv smiles. He stops her. They have a moment. Megha plays music. She sees Garv’s pic and dances. Titli comes there and stops the music. Megha hides the pic. Titli says everyone is worried and you are enjoying here, relax, I didn’t come to question you, but to answer you.

Megha asks Garv to come with her for therapy session if he needs her help. He goes. Titli sees the wedding pic. She says it means Megha loves Garv.

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