Teri Meri Doriyaan 3rd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Sahiba Accuses Angad

Teri Meri Doriyaan 3rd October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sahiba tells Angad that they separated because of his acts and not her. She says he wants to end their relationship and when there is nothing left in their relationship, then why he wants a new drama. Angad says he is asking same. Seerat grins and asks Sahiba why she returns always to trouble Angad. Sahiba says she is not talking to her, then she should keep her mouth shut. Manveer says Seerat is right that Sahiba is disturbing Angad. Sahiba says she learnt it from Seerat who was interfering uninvited, was trying to stop her, and was eager to know when she is ending this relationship and what is the future of relationship. Manveer says Seerat is right, why she is carrying a dead relationship.

Sahiba tells Angad that she knew his hypocrytic nature, why did he send her a voice note that he wants to end their relationship forever. Inder asks what is happening here. Manveer says it’s good that her son wants to end this strained relationship and doesn’t want to carry it on his shoulders like she did her whole life. Akaal asks Angad which voice note Sahiba is talking about. Angad says he didn’t send any voice note. Rumi watches them on his laptop screen and recalls how he hacked even Angad’s mobile when he was at Brar mansion with Veer. Akaal and Jaspal ask Sahiba to play the voice note. She plays voice note where Angad voice starts. Rumi deletes message. Sahiba is shocked to see the message deleted. Seerat asks her to play the message further. Sahiba says it got deleted. Angad says he didn’t send any voice note at all and asks when she has blocked his number, how can she send a message. Sahiba says he is right.

Manveer yells that Sahiba broke her relationship with Angad and now is desperately trying to get back to him. Sahiba asks why would she do that when she herself ended this relationship. Akaal asks Angad if he really sent voice note to Sahiba. Angad takes Manveer’s oath and says he really didn’t send any message and says he thinks Sahiba and his phones are hacked and someone sent her a message in his voice. Sahiba agrees. Manveer continues to yell. Veer says he will call a tech to check their mobiles and calls Pam. Rumi hears that and thinks tech will find out that Sahiba is phone is hacked and then he won’t be able to keep an eye on Sahiba.

Pam asks Angad and Sahiba to give their mobile password. Angad thinks his password is Sadu Sahiba and her DOB, she will get angry if she hears this passowrd. Sahiba also thinks Angad will get angry if he hears ATM123. They both at once say they will note down their password on a paper. Seerat asks Sahiba why she is hesitant to reveal her password, is it her secret boyfriend’s name. Akaal gets angry and says Seerat may have a strained relationship with her sister, but she doesn’t have any right to insult Sahiba always. Seerat apologizes. Akaal says one who sent flowers to Sahiba must have hacked her mobile. Angad says he is right. Jaspal asks Sahiba if she noticed any other changes recently. Sahiba says she feels like someone is following her always. Manveer yells to stop the drama now and demands Sahiba to divorce Angad. Seerat grins hearing that.

Precap: Manveer informs family that she will get Angad divorce Sahiba and marry Seerat. Family is shocked to hear that while Seerat gets happy. Angad forcefully brings Sahiba home and says she will stay here as her life is in danger. Manveer yells this shameless girl can’t stay in this house. Angad warns her to dare not speak a word against his wife Sahiba.

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