Shiv Shakti (Zee) 2nd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Ranjan beats up his brother in law thinking its Shiv

Shiv Shakti (Zee) 2nd October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Mandira asks Keertan where is the box? He turns around and its gone. She panics and looks around. She says I have to find it before anyone can see it.

Manorama is angry that the electricity is gone. She tells the guests that they are working on it. She asks Rimjhim to go to her room.

Rimjhim is going to her room and bumps into Keertan. She sees him crying and tries to wipe his tears but Manorama comes there and asks what is she doing? is she crazy? She takes her from there. Mandira sees all that and panics about the box. She says I will be destroyed before destroying Shiv. Shakti comes there and asks what did she say? you will destroy Shiv? Mandira says you are hearing things that I am not saying. Shakti asks where is Shiv? I have been looking around for him but can’t find him. Mandira says I don’t know. Shakti says I know you are destructive and can plot against him. What were you saying that you will destroy Shiv? Mandira says how can I do that? I am like his mother. Shakti says I have seen your real face so don’t do drama. Where is Shiv? Mandira says don’t question me, she leaves from there. Shakti prays for Shiv.

Ranjan and his men are taking Shiv’s body in a carpet. They bring it outside and Ranjan says now Shakti will be mine.

Mandira is looking around for Shiv and Ranjan. She says what if Shakti was right and Shiv is in danger because of Ranjan?

Ranjan starts beating up the body in the carpet and says its time for my revenge. He beats him up badly.

Manorama scolds Rimjhim for showing concern to Keertan, remember him insulting you so forget about him.

Mandira comes to Keertan and says I told you to keep an eye on the box but you are useless. He asks her to relax and says I will find the box. Mandira says I told you to keep an eye on it. He goes to look for it. Mandira says no one else can find the box. Padma hides and has the box. She says Mandira will be exposed now, this box must have something big in it. I have to open it to expose Mandira.

Ranjan is beating up a man badly. Mandira hears that and goes to look.

Padma takes out the box and is opening it but a guest comes there and starts talking with her. She takes the box from there.

Shakti is praying for Shiv. The lights come back and Shiv comes to her. She smiles seeing him.

Ranjan beats up the man in the carpet and bring his body out to see its his brother in law only. He cries in pain. Ranjan panics and says I am sorry, I thought it was Shiv. How come you came in this carpet? He says I drank Shiv’s juice. Ranjan shouts at him that he is useless, I would have pummeled that Shiv by now. Mandira comes there and slaps him hard. She shouts how dare you think of harming Shiv? I will put you both in place, if Shiv gets hurt because of you then I won’t spare you. Ranjan looks on. She leaves from there with Keertan. Ranjan says she shouldn’t have slapped me, I will kill Shiv now.

Shakti asks Shiv where were you? He says I was fixing the light. She says I got scared because I didn’t see you. He says sorry for leaving you. Shakti asks him to promise to never leave her alone. He promises to never leave her alone. They both smile at each other. The fairy lights fall on them, they both stare at each other.

Padma is opening the box and is shocked to find what’s inside. She says this will destroy Shiv. I have to take it out.

Precap: Shiv says to Shakti, I’ll bring Ranjan in front of Papa and Chachu and you will bring Chachiji and when he will come in front of Papa and Chachu then we will know why he was scared and his truth will come infront of Chachiji. Shiv asks Papa and Chachu do you recognise Ranjan. Mandira is seeing everything and gets scared.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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