Meet 2nd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Bilawal points gun at Sumeet

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Bilawal suggests to Shlok that he and Naaz should visit the Ajmer Dargah together after getting married. Shlok is concerned and mentions that he needs to inform his parents about this plan. Bilawal proposes that they could have a nikah (marriage) ceremony before going and then invite Shlok’s parents to celebrate later. Bilawal also mentions calling Adil’s father, but Shlok quickly makes an excuse, saying it’s late due to the time zone difference, and he will talk to his father later. Bilawal instructs them to prepare for Naaz’s mehendi ceremony, and Shlok appears worried as he glances at Sumeet.

During the mehendi ceremony, Bilawal places Naaz’s hand in Shlok’s while he keeps looking at Sumeet. Sumeet feels hurt as she recalls her own marriage with Shlok. Meanwhile, Pankhuri smirks as she observes Priyanka’s situation. Raj intervenes when a vendor harasses Priyanka and hits the vendor. Masoom arrives and shows them a leaked video of Priyanka taking a shower. Priyanka, feeling embarrassed, runs away, and Raj worries about her. Masoom blames Priyanka for the incident.

Naaz talks to Bilawal about how it would be easier for Sumeet to send her husband to India if Bilawal doesn’t accompany them to Ajmer. She expresses her inability to forgive Sumeet, who tried to harm Adil. Naaz promises to help Bilawal capture Sumeet and her husband. A staff member informs Bilawal that Sumeet has gone to the storeroom, accompanied by someone. Bilawal investigates and finds Shlok and Sumeet together in the storeroom. Sumeet confesses that she can’t bear to see Shlok marry someone else. Shlok decides to reveal his true identity to Naaz, but Sumeet is concerned about the consequences, given Naaz’s hostility.

Bilawal enters the storeroom with a gun, pointing it at Sumeet. She challenges him to pull the trigger. Shlok intervenes, attempting to calm Bilawal down. Poonam accidentally drops some food and worries about Shlok and Sumeet’s safety. Priyanka, crying, locks herself in her room. Masoom arrives and announces the cancellation of Raj and Priyanka’s marriage.

In Pakistan, Naaz’s mehendi ceremony begins, and she eagerly asks for Adil’s name to be written on her hands, expressing her love for him. Shlok realizes that he can’t continue deceiving Naaz, regardless of the reasons. He recalls writing a letter and plans to give it to Naaz, hoping she will understand his situation and forgive him. Sumeet speaks with an official from the embassy and realizes that Bilawal’s men are watching her closely. The officer requests 24 hours to assist her. Bilawal overhears their conversation and decides to keep a close watch on Sumeet.

Shlok asks Naaz to come aside as he has something important to confess. He reveals that he is not Adil, shocking everyone. Zainab makes a light-hearted remark about Shlok now being Naaz’s husband. Sumeet watches as Shlok hands the letter to Naaz, feeling increasingly concerned for Shlok’s safety.

Precap: Sumeet says to Shlok Naaz have the letter, is she reads it our situation will get compromised, we need to run away quickly. They try to run away but Naaz walks in. Adil escapes from the captivity.
Shlok says I was about to tell you truth. Naaz you are totally different from what I thought about you.

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