Kundali Bhagya 2nd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Rishab advises Karan to realize his mistake.

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Karan was angry at Shaurya and blames Mahesh for spoiling him. Rishab tells Karan to be as angry at them as he likes to, but for once he must realize his mistake. It’s not the first time Shaurya shows anger. Its Nidhi who took care of Shaurya since he was a kid. Karan wasn’t available for Shaurya when he needed his father; he was just lost in Preeta’s memories. He must have been both parent to Shaurya, when his mother wasn’t around. Karan is not behaving appropriately to Shaurya. He requests Karan to understand the importance of relations and where his behavior is taking them.

Nidhi tries to convince Shaurya. Shaurya wasn’t ready to listen to her. Nidhi asks him to calm down, else his dad would hear this. Shaurya was irritated that they always want him silent. He expresses his wish that he wanted his mother to support him when everyone laughed. Nidhi says she hurt Rajveer because she didn’t want him to win. Shaurya argues it was useless, as Rajveer still won. Had it been Rajveer’s mother, she must have made him win. Nidhi gets a call from police station.

In the auto, Preeta was worried. Gulpreet and Shrishti ask them not to worry. Preeta says she is worried for Shrishti. She says Shrishti is Rajveer’s mother, still she doesn’t care for him at all. She always keeps an eye on Rajveer. People consider her as his mother. She cautions Shrishti that she would be hurt if Preeta is considered Rajveer’s mother by the society; as she is much worried for him, he is still late from the event. Shrishti shows anger on Rajveer in front of Preeta. Shrishti asks if Nidhi’s sent goon would have spilled everything to police. Preeta was sure that he opened up on a single slap of two women, how won’t he open his mouth in front of police.

The police called Nidhi to police station. Nidhi was reluctant but the inspector threatens her to be here. He was ready for physical remand of Shambu

Nidhi was tensed what if she is arrested in an attempt to murder case. She was tensed that on one side Shaurya thinks she does nothing for him, while on the other side she has to handle the police matter.

The inspector beats Shambu in the jail.

Nidhi says she is in this house because of Shaurya; he is her strong pillar. She didn’t want to get arrested. She gets a clue at once that if a person is drunk, he can say and do anything. She sends Shanaya to get the car at the backdoor. Nidhi now walks to Shaurya and assures she is the one who would do anything for him, she gets selfish when doing for him. Shaurya still felt beaten. Nidhi assures that soon everyone will hate Rajveer and shares a plan with him. Shaurya was stunned and says it’s an extremely dangerous move. Nidhi says breaking someone’s character is the best one can do to break a person eventually. She takes a leave from Shaurya. Sandy had come to the room then. Shaurya was happy that they will mix something in Rajveer and Shanaya’s Prasad, lock them in the room and then assassinate their character. Sandy says his friend has a shop of CCTV and they can install as many cameras in each room as they want.

In the room, Karan was still angry. Mahesh says to Karan that Rishab is right, he hasn’t been available for Shaurya when time needed. Rishab says Karan was always in office 24/7. Karan argues he has worked hard for his kids. Mahesh says their family had enough money, instead his son needed his parent’s finger. The time has ticked. Rishab tells Karan to be a father of Shaurya, but before that be a friend. If he sits with Shaurya, discuss his matters of life with him and get acknowledged about Shaurya’s life. Later on, he may scold him as much as he wishes for.

Rajveer’s foot was bandaged by Palki. Shanaya butters Rajveer. Shaurya overhears the conversation and sends Sandy to install CCTV cameras.

In the police station, all ladies reach together. Preeta was sure he would have opened up, as he did in front of the ladies. She questions Shambu. Preeta asks inspector why Nidhi wants to kill her? Inspector questions Nidhi to reply by herself her intention to kill Preeta.

Shaurya wants Sandy if Sanju isn’t in time, he will lock him with Shanaya and Rajveer. Sanju arrives well equipped with CCTV. They get the camera’s installed in every room. Sanju assures Shaurya no one can hide from the CCTV cameras now. He shows him how to operate them. Sandy asks Shaurya how are they going to execute their plan? Shaurya smirks.

PRECAP: Shaurya mixes medicine in Prasad and gives it to Rajveer.

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