Katha Ankahee 2nd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Katha confronts Meera.

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Katha realizes that Meera told Yuvraj about her and Viaan, that’s why she was interested about their love story to find a way to break their relation. Meera takes Katha aside, Katha recalls all the little arguments Meera created, like the surname decision and demand for another child, when nothing worked than she targeted Viaan. Meera doesn’t doubt Katha’s character, there is nothing to hide, she keeps her morals uplift but regardless of everything her character has been tormented. Meera questions her morals and values for selling herself for money, she could have waited more for the money than doing what she did. Meera asked Katha if she sleeps well. Katha sleeps well after seeing her son struggling all those years, Katha did it for her child and would happily do it again. Meera’s negativity will not effect Katha Infront of Aarav’s happiness and peace. Katha went everywhere for money, visited every bank and NGO, she was willing to give her life for insurance money. Katha asks if Meera wouldn’t have don’t the same for her child. Viaan would shatter after knowing Meera being the person behind this chaos, according to Viaan Meera is the person she loves more than his mother.

Mr. Garewal questions Yuvraj for his doings, his wife and children are crying for him. Mr. Garewal requests Yuvraj to tell the reason before the worst happens. Yuvraj will chose jail over telling why he attacked Viaan. Mr. Garewal gave him a two days notice.

Meera is beyond Katha’s comprehension, she is a mother yet couldn’t understand Katha but what about Viaan whom she loves as a son. Meera thinks that this marriage shouldn’t have happened. Katha will tell everyone whole truth, Viaan wouldn’t have been the person he is today if it wasn’t for that night. That night, the misery, Aarav’s pain was destiny. Katha and Viaan met under wrong terms, but they fought it, and came out bravely. Katha blames everything at the situation. Meera understand, she isn’t judging Katha for anything, Meera would have done the same. Meera wonders If Mr. Garewal and Kavita will understand everything, what will they do to Viaan who they accept as a son. Katha considers Meera unbelievable for blackmailing her instead of worrying about Viaan. Katha will tell everyone everything herself, she will fight everything and everyone for Viaan. Meera is here to satisfier her ego only. Meera silence Katha, tells that she raised Viaan, and now he is under her surveillance. Katha questions as Meera is only busy in how to separate Katha and Viaan. Meera will assure that the Garewals never get to meet Viaan, Katha should leave for her family’s peace.
Mr. Garewal breaks a vase in frustration over Yuvraj not willing to tell anything, Mr. Garewal requested him. Katha wonders what to tell Katha, how to face Teeji, as elders its there responsibility to keep everyone together. They couldn’t wrap their mind around Yuvraj attacking Viaan. Mr. Garewal knows that Yuvraj isn’t the wont to react without a reason. Kavita wonders the wrong Viaan must have done. Mr. Garewal will not the spare the person who agitated Yuvraj. Reet worries about herself. Aarav wipes Mr. Garewal’s tears. Kavita wants him to sleep, else he would fall sick. Aarav wants them to do something for him first as his father is the one who is sick.

Katha wants Meera to do everything she can because she isn’t leaving Viaan. Katha is sure that her family will understand the truth. Meera asks about Teeji. Katha knows that Meera must have manipulated Teeji and because of that Katha will talk to her later, Teeji isn’t even in state to be talked to. Katha will handle her, she questions Meer and her double standard after reversing the roles because Teeji is a single mother as well. Katha leaves. Meera agrees that Mr. Garewal, Kavita and Teeji will accept Katha, its true that she will win against the world but what about Aarav.

PRECAP: Meera wants Katha to leave Viaan, Katha will do otherwise. Aarav visits Viaan, Katha takes him to pray for his father.

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