Haris Rauf Shared His Whole Journey from Street Cricketer To National Hero In ESPNcricinfo

It is the story of the summer of 2017, Three boys found themselves on one of the busiest roads in Pakistan “The Grand Trunk Road” heading from Islamabad to Gujranwala to go on an open cricket trial. They arrived late and the gates were closed But their mind were set to enter the trial. They found their way to an unnamed entrance, broke the lock, and joined thousands. They waited for their turn one by one, The boys made it to the initial round but the only one made it to the final round.

Haris Rauf Interview in ESPNcricinfo

“A blur of white hurtles towards the batsmen, the ball whistling through the air like a bullet. It’s Haris Rauf one of the fastest bowlers in the world.”

Being a middle-class family funding education became challenging for him, so Haris Rauf takes all matters into his own hands. To bear his expenses he used to sell snacks on Sunday and play tape ball cricket.

He said, “The reason I used to play tape ball cricket was to earn money and fulfill all my educational expenses, my father’s wages are not enough to be able to pay my fees so I used to sell snacks on Sunday to earn more, my mother had a dream that we could have our own house.”

He further said, ” Now I have my own house and car too. My father started crying when I bought the car and said he didn’t even have the status to sit in that car. That’s a matter of immense pride for me.”

Haris Rauf is known for his fast bowling and has achieved the fastest hat-trick, and the most wickets in a single season of the BBL Haris Rauf represents Pakistan in 62 T20 international matches with a total of 83 wickets and 28 ODI international matches with a total of 53 wickets.


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