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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 2nd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Ishan’s Guilt

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 2nd October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Savi requests board members to provide her a leaving certificate so that she can silently go from their college. She says they accused her wrongly and showed their mentality, now they should show their maturity by giving her transfer certificate. Back home, Nishikant tells Surkeha how Savi presented her proof of innocence, but they broke her so much that she has accepted her defeat and is return to Ramtek with Isha; it’s a time for celebration. Surekha looks tenses. Yashwant asks if she is not happy with their win. Surekha says it’s their defeat instead. Ishan vents out his guilt in a gym and thinks how could he believe Kiran Sawant while Savi pleaded that she is innocent. Surekha says it’s their defeat as Ishan would be affected out of all this, Isha will make him realize how he mentally harrassed Savi and Shantanu will remind him always. Shukla serves them tea. Surekha asks where is Ishan. Shukla says he is in a gym beating a tyre.

Shantanu asks Isha why she wants to return to Ramtek where Mandar and Vinayak are there. Isha says she can understand his concern, but she will take care of herself. Shantanu says Savi is brave like Isha. Isha says Savi is more brave than her, she feels sad that Savi suffered because of Ishan. Savi walks to them and says she has decided to complete her semester and then leave Pune, why shall she suffer because of someone else’s mistake. Shantanu says she took a right decision and says he will drop her to college. Savi says she will go by bus or else if Ishan sees them together, he will create a new issue. Isha says Savi is right. Savi takes their blessings and leaves for college. Harini practices a song when Kiran in his usual rudest tone orders her to pack his tiffin. She ignores. Kiran’s mother joins him and yells at Harini. Kiran tries to hit her. Harini shows his confession video. Kiran asks how did she get it when he already deleted it. Harini says Savi had already sent it to Isha madam before he deleted it, he should dare not trouble her or else she will upload it in social media. Kiran walks away afraid.

Ishan calls Prateek and says he wants to apologize Savi and asks him to give him some idea. Prateek asks if he shall book a continental garden and display his apologizing photo there. Ishan doesn’t like his idea and asks not to give any ideas again. Shukla brings something for Ishan. Ishan thanks him. Shukla says mention not. Ishan is impressed and asks if he is learning English. Shukla says Savi is teaching him English. Ishan asks if he wrongly accuses a person and then realizes his mistake, how will he apologize that person. Shukla says in their village, they give their shoes to that person and ask him to beat him until he forgives him. Savi walks in. Ishan gives his shoes to her and asks her to beat him for his mistake. Savi throws shoe at him. Ishan shouts no. Shukla shakes him and asks why he is shouting as if someone is beating him with shoes.

Ishan asks Savi if she came to take TC. Savi says she will not discontinue her semester midway because of someone else’s mistake, will give her exams, then will leave from here, so she came to take her hall ticket. Ishan offers her hall ticket. Shukla wishes her all the best. Savi and all other students get busy studying for exams. Dhakka Maar.. song plays in the background. Isha teaches Savi. Shantanu helps her. Ishan notices passing by and decides not to disturb her. During last paper, Isha helps Savi revise. Shantanu offers poha for Savi and masala tea for Isha. Isha says she is habituated to his masala tea. Shantanu says at least she will remember his tea if not him. Savi says they both are made for each other. Shantanu suggests Savi to stay back in Pune after he exams and offers to rent an apartment for her.

Precap: Nishikant accuses Savi of cheating in exam and calls for a board meeting. Yashwant rusticates her. Ishan backs Yashwant.

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