Udaariyaan 1st October 2023 Written Episode Update: Aasma suspects Armaan

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The Episode starts with Aasma thinking of Armaan. She keeps an open university application form. It falls down the table. She says I will talk to Armaan about his dream, he didn’t come till now. Armaan comes and sees the decorations. He turns to go. She stops him and asks is your friend’s mom fine. He says yes. She says you freshen up, I will serve the food. He says I had food. She gets sad and blows the candle. He freshens up and comes. Udaariyaan…plays…. She picks his shirt and sees the lipstick mark on it. She thinks is there anyone else in his life. She sits crying. Its morning, Armaan wakes up. He puts his phone on charging. He gets the application form. He says I accept Aasma’s condition, I will do it if you told so. Aasma wakes up. Armaan’s phone rings. Aasma answers. Alia says Armaan, I m sorry, please come and meet me, I want to talk to you. Aasma gets shaken.

Alia says meet me in the market, I m sorry. Aasma thinks I find this voice familiar. Alia messages him. Aasma reads the message. Armaan comes and takes his phone. He reads Alia’s message. He lies to Aasma about work. She asks are you going to meet Bunty. He says yes. She follows him and calls him out. Rano says don’t call from behind, it’s a bad omen, come with me to the market. Aasma says sorry, I have imp work. Aasma is on the way. She says if Armaan is cheating me, I will find the truth. Alia sends smiley balloons to Armaan by some kid. Aasma reaches there and looks for him. Alia says I m sorry, I love you Armaan.

She asks what will be left for me if you don’t support my love. He says I m sorry, I love you a lot, I m tired of this burden, I hate Aasma every day, we won’t meet for few days, we will meet after 5-6 months, I will give exams. Alia asks what about our plan, we can’t wait. He says we have to wait, she won’t take me to Canada until she makes me educated. She says no, what if you get certificate without studying. He says one more lie. She says we will get the certificate. He says Aasma wants me to study, I can’t lie to her.

He shows the form and says exams will be here in Moga. Aasma gets Biji’s call. She doesn’t see Armaan and Alia. She goes. Armaan says I don’t want to do any fraud. Alia says you have changed. He says come, I will drop you home, we will meet after my exams, trust me.

Aasma goes to her car. She says I will go home and talk to Armaan. Armaan and a man get into an argument. Aasma sees the crowd. She goes to see. She sees Armaan. A man asks Aasma to take her car aside. Aasma goes to her car. Alia stops Armaan. They leave on the bike. Aasma looks on. She calls him. He stops the bike and answers. She asks where are you. He says I m with Bunty at the hospital. She worries. She thinks I will find out the truth. Armaan sees Aasma following. He says Alia, Aasma is following us. He stops the bike. He runs with Alia. Aasma stops the car and sees them.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena


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