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Titli 1st October 2023 Written Episode Update: Titli learns Chiku’s truth

Titli 1st October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Garv asking Maina not to take his mistakes blame on herself. He says Titli, I had ignited that fire. Titli cries and goes. Megha smiles. Koel sees Chiku trying to eat. She goes to help him. She feeds him the food. She recalls Chiku. She asks don’t you remember anything about your mum. He says Badi M…. Manikant asks don’t you have any other work, you are making a new relation with this boy. Koel says he is going to say something. He says he is not mentally file, don’t waste time. She goes. Chiku says I won’t go. Titli stops Garv and asks why did you lie to me. She scolds him. Garv says I have changed, I realize my mistake. He blindfolds her and takes her somewhere. She says leave me. He shows the Titli flower shop. She smiles. He says I was much possessive about you, I felt your focus will be on work, not me, I wanted to surprise you. She likes the store. They do Ganesh’s aarti. They smile. She gets a call. The lady says you were asking about Chichi’s family details. Titli is shocked. He asks what happened, whose call was it. She says I have to go home, you wait for me, I will come. He says okay. She goes. He says I won’t make a mistake of coming in your way, I will support you.

He sees a butterfly and smiles. Manikant calls the doctor. Titli comes. He asks is Garv fine. She says yes, but Chichi…. He went somewhere. He asks what. She says he ran away from the window, I will look for him, there is blood on his tshirt cloth, it means he is hurt, what shall we do now, he doesn’t know anyone.

Manikant worries. Titli says I will ask everyone if they saw him. She goes. Manikant imagines Chiku falling and shouts. Chiku comes and claps. He says I fooled you. Manikant hugs him. He says then who did that. She says I did. She recalls the lady’s words. She asks Manikant is he Garv’s brother, Chiku. Manikant leaves. Garv sets the shop. Megha comes there in disguise as a customer. He praises Titli. He makes a bouquet for her. She gets some chemicals. Titli stops Manikant and says it means its true, he is our Chiku, how can you do this, why did you lie to the family, please tell me. Manikant says I had no other choice, what would I tell the world that my son is mentally…. She says weak, not normal… you punished him, Garv got anger filled in him because of that incident, you can’t see Garv, Maina and Koel’s sorrow.

He says no one should know this. Koel comes and asks what. Megha sprays the chemical around. Garv faints. She removes the veil. Koel asks is he our Chiku, I felt I have a relation with him. She cries and goes to embrace Chiku. Chiku smiles. Manikant says end this matter here, take him inside. Koel says no, you will answer me today, how can you do this, why. Manikant says you all won’t understand, when this accident happened, I had seen Chiku’s condition, nobody could cure him, they said he has lost his mental balance completely, doctor suggested me not to take him home, else other kids will get affected, society would have laughed at me, I did a father’s duty and took care of him at the best hospitals, don’t tell this to Garv or anyone. Titli asks how can you say this, Koel has tolerated a lot here, its about her motherly love, it’s a sin, you did a sin. Koel says you will never get forgiven for this, I didn’t know you will defend yourself and be so proud. She scolds Manikant for snatching their happiness. She says you did wrong. He says your anger is justified, Garv shouldn’t know this, else he will hate me, I can’t tolerate it. Garv says you are thinking about yourself, you are such a selfish person. She cries. Titli hugs Koel. Someone comes to call Garv out. Manikant goes and sees the police. Inspector asks for Garv. He says a lady filed complaint against Garv, that he raised hand on her. Manikant asks what. They get shocked.

Megha says its our first date for therapy session, Garv. Titli says I have to find out her motive. She sees a pic and says it means Megha loves Garv.

Update Credit to: Amena


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