Suhaagan 30th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Bindiya saves Mr. Batra’s life

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The Episode starts with Payal telling Bindiya that her aim is not to win Indu, but to throw her (Bindiya) out of the house, so that she can start her life with Krish. She keeps Bindiya’s clothes in her suitcase. Bindiya questions her. Payal says after whatever you have done in office, just as you lose, your clothes will be kept in the suitcase, and just as the suitcase gets filled up, you will have to leave from here. Bindiya says when you have played the game, you didn’t understand being the genius herself. She says I will explain to you, and Payal’s clothes in the suitcase. She reminds her that she has won first, and asks her see the chain, and says I started it and will end this game too. Krish is happy that Mrs and Mr. Batra are visiting their house for dinner. He tells Indu that Batra wants to know about the product etc and that’s why he wants to come here and will have dinner. Payal asks him to order Thai food from the good restaurant. Krish smiles. Bindiya says if they wanted to have food in restaurant, then they would have kept the meeting in the restaurant itself. She serves tea to everyone and is about to serve tea to Krish, but he tells that he will not take anything from her hands. Bindiya says she will make tasty food. Krish says they have wonderful chefs at home. Payal tells that they have to take care of something else also, and tells that either of us will have to be inside, and Bindiya will not agree, so I will stay in the room. Krish says you are my wife and will be with him and bindiya will be inside the room. Indu tells that Payal is educated and has helped Krish also, and asks Payal to be with Krish and asks Bindiya to be inside.

Mrs. And Mr. Batra comes there. Krish and his family welcome them. Mrs. Batra asks Sakshi how is she? Sakshi says she is good and asks what about you. Mrs. Batra says she is fine too. Krish is about to introduce Payal as his wife, when Batra asks about Baldev. Payal says he went to Indore as he had meeting with financers. Batra asks Indu, why did she allow him to go as he was unwell. Payal says the meeting with financers was urgent and that’s why he went. She asks Servant to serve the starters and then asks them to come for dinner. They get up to have dinner. Bindiya cries in her room. Dadi calls Bindiya. Bindiya says she has a feeling that she is walking on the path which has no destination. Dadi asks her not to get weak and says you have the power to change the time, and I am sure about that. She hears Servants asking to bring blanket fast. She ends the call and asks the Servant, what happened? The Servant says Batra Saheb fainted. Krish asks Mrs. Batra if Mr. Batra has any heart ailment. Mrs. Batra says he has diabetes. Indu asks Vikram to call the doctor. Bindiya looks at them and thinks she can’t go there. A guy says we have to do something, as he is still breathing. Krish is rubbing his hands, while others are worried. Bindiya thinks nothing is important than anyone’s life.

Sakshi says he can slip in coma. Mrs. Batra says nothing will happen to him, he will be fine. Bindiya goes to the kitchen and makes lemon water and mixes sugar in it. Mrs. Batra asks where is the doctor, when he will come? Bindiya comes there holding the glass. Mrs. Batra asks who are you and what you are making him drink? Bindiya says he has sugar problem, this will help him get fine. She makes Batra drink it. Doctor comes there and checks him. Vikram says his condition is bad, we have to shift him to the hospital. Krish brings chair for Doctor. Mrs. Batra says he has diabetes. Doctor takes glucometer from his assistant, to check his sugar. Payal tells Krish that due to bindiya’s baseless treatment, his condition might deteriorate. He checks the blood sugar and it is 102. Payal says he was given sugar water. Doctor asks who gave her sugar water. Everyone looks at Bindiya. Bindiya says I gave it. Doctor says your presence of mind is good, his sugar level was down, you did right by making him drink sugar water, now his sugar level is normal. Mrs. Batra thanks her. Doctor asks her to thank Bindiya. Mrs. Batra thanks Bindiya. Bindiya says same thing happened with her Dadi so she did the same remedy. She says I know that desi treatment work sometimes. Mr. Batra gets up. His wife asks if you are fine? Batra thanks Bindiya and asks Indu, if she is Krish’s wife and tells that Baldev ji had told me. He says Baldev ji had invited me for the wedding also, and asks what is her name? Sakshi says bindiya.

Precap: Indu and Sakshi asks bindiya to wear the gown. Indu says you said that you can do anything for Krish. Payal cuts Bindiya’s dress so that it tears later, and then she gets ready for the party.

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