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Shiv Shakti (Colors) 1st October 2023 Written *MAHA* Episode Update: Parvati transforms herself into her Adi Shakti avatar

Shiv Shakti (Colors) 1st October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Narayan asking Mahadev, how Parvati will fight with Taarki till sunset, you know her condition well. Mahadev says you had given boon to Taarki, even I can’t do anything. Taarki says she has woken up and nobody’s power will work infront of her. Taraka sur asks why she stopped. Taarki says she is hungry and woken up after many years. Taraka sur says you likes to have birds, and tells that where Parvati is residing, there are many birds. She says it is fun to go there and says she will bring Parvati. Guru Shukracharya tells that she is Adi Shakti. Mahadev tells Narad that after Taarki taken boon from Narayan, Taarki’s mother had taken boon from me that when Taarki is fighting and using that boon, I shall not hinder in the fight. He calls Nandi. Nandi says ok. The friends ask Parvati to drink water, but Parvati refuses to drink water and says she has sacrificed her. She says this is the test of my love, I have to walk here myself. Mahadev is walking. Parvati says your bhakt is stubborn like you and will not break this Tap.

She stands on her one leg. Nandi and Mahadev are walking. Nandi becomes a bird and falls down near Parvati. Parvati sees the bird injured. Mahadev comes there indisguise of a hunter and asks her to hand it over to him, as it is his prey. Parvati refuses to give it to him and says it came in my shelter. Mahadev says ok you can keep it, but I will take this Shivling on its place. He says I shall get something for my hardwork. Parvati stops him and says it is more dear to me than my life, I can’t let you take my Mahadev. The lady says she loves Mahadev, and can’t sacrifice the Shivling. He asks her to decide. Parvati refuses and asks him to go. Mahadev takes out the arrow. The friend taunts him. He say he don’t want her life. Parvati says you can ask anything other than Shiv. Shiv asks her to give all the tap and punya to him. Parvati is shocked. Narad asks why Shiv is making her powerless by asking her to give away all her tap.

Parvati asks what you are asking from me. He says I am asking what I don’t have. He says I have been a hunter all my life, if you give your punya then my paap and punya will be balanced, and I will get Swarg after my death. He says if you give all your punya to me then you have to do everything again, and asks her to give him the bird, and get Shiv. Parvati says my Shiv is Pashupathi nath and says if I give this bird to you, then it will be wrong. She swears and gives all her Tap and punya to the hunter. Mahadev as hunter takes her tap. Her Tyaag gets completed. Mahadev says you have sacrificed all your Tap to me, you have gone far from Mahadev. Parvati says I feel closer to Mahadev with this sacrifice. She frees the bird and says you are free now. The bird (Nandi) flies and goes. Mahadev takes his avatar and sees Parvati praying again. He says in humans, you have sacrificed your Moh and completed your tap aur tyaag. He says now I am waiting for you to realize Adi Shakti’s avatar, then we will be together.

Nandi sees the bulls and cows running. Taarki sees Nandi and asks him to come near his death. She says you are powerful, but can’t win from my powers. She makes him fall down and says you are Mahadev’s bull. He says you have killed a cow and tells that he will show his powers to her. She cages him and sends him to Asur lok. Taraka sur says a bull is here for my entertainment. Nandi says nothing can harm Shiv and Parvati.

Taarki walks towards parvati and says so she is Adishakti’s avatar Parvati. Taraka sur asks Nandi to see that his mata will be with him in the Asur lok and says your mahadev will come behind her.

Shiv ganns ask Mahadev to let them stop Taarki. Mahadev says when Nandi can’t stop her, then you also can’t do anything. Taarki thinks her Tap didn’t break, so I will take her in this state. She attacks her, but Adishakti’s powers breaks Taarki’s power. Narayan says Parvati’s powers have increased with her tyaag. Taarki sas I will destroy this Shivling. She walks towards the Shivling to break it, when Parvati holds the weapon to stop her. Parvati says until I have life in my body, till then I will not let you do anything to my Shivling. Taarki says all the world is scared of me and you have held my weapon, says it is fun to play with you. Parvati snatches weapon from her hand and hits on the ground. The lava explodes at other places.

Taarki gets another weapon. Parvati falls down. Taarki sets fire around Parvati. Parvati walks out of the fire. Taarki says she is very powerful. Parvati says you might be powerful, but evil and says the evil gets defeated with the truth’s light. Taarki says so this is Parvati, and asks Mahadev to come there. Narad asks Parvati to identify herself. Parvati smiles and asks Taarki to see that the sunset is about to happen. Taarki says I have enough time to break your stubbornness. She attacks Parvati and makes big stones fall on her. She then Taraka sur that she has won from Parvati and will bring her to Asur lok soon. Narad says how can Taarki defeat Adi Shakti. She hears Om Namashivay…..and the stones blasts and Taarki falls down. She gets up and sees Adi Shakti taking her avatar. The divine light falls on Taarki. Mahadev smiles seeing his Adi Shakti. Narayan, and Narad smiles.

Shiv’s message: Shiv asks if you know what is the thing using which you are remembered in this world after you are gone from here. He says it is not wealth, power, or knowledge, it is your character. He says your character depends on how you behave with others, and how we will behave depends on our inner heart peace and happiness. He asks people to wipe their dirt from their hearts and think of the world’s betterment then the character will be build and then there will be a life even after death.

Precap: Mahadev tells Parvati that her tapasya is completed. He says his dream to unite with his Shakti is fulfilled. He returns himself and all the Punya back to Parvati/Adi Shakti.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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