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Neerja 30th September 2023 Written Episode Update : Neerja meets Abeer

Neerja 30th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Neerja says nothing will be fine now, we were so close but still far. Abeer stops his car in front of Neerja. Neerja and Abeer are happy to see each other. Abeer says come with me. Neerja gets in the car with Abeer. Neerja thinks Abeer is here to see me this means he doesn’t have a problem with my truth. Abeer pinches Neerja. Neerja asks what’s wrong. Abeer says I was just making sure this is not a dream. Neerja asks did you read my letter, Abeer says yes and I was very angry when I read it. Abeer says we could sort the problem together, with a letter how can we understand a person. Neerja says so you are upset because I sent you a letter instead of talking directly to you. Abeer says I wanted to know where you just a nurse or more than that, I had so many questions in my mind that made me crazy. Abeer says that letter doesn’t matter to me, the thing is I keep just thinking about you all day, and even after reading the letter I wanted to talk to you, meet you. Abeer’s car tyre goes flat. Abeer says god there is no spare tyre I am so stupid, I was going to send this to garage but I couldn’t who will help us here now.

Moushmi seeing pictures of girls. Bijoy asks are you seeing them for Abeer. Moushmi says yes, these are very nice girls but I want someone simple who will understand him and his kindness. Bijoy says lets talk to Abeer first and convince him for the wedding.

Abeer finds a mechanic nearby, he says he will need 2 hours to fix his car. Abeer thinks he can use this time to talk to Neerja and asks is there any place they can wait in meanwhile. Mechanic says yes theres a tea stall nearby and they can use his cycle. Abeer says to Neerja lets go, we will talk too meanwhile, may be even God wants us to talk and at house also we can’t talk. Neerja remembers Protima and says she needs help, it’s very important and urgent. Abeer says I remember my promise, but before it starts raining lets find a place, so lets go.
Abeer gets the cycle and both reach the tea stall.

Moushmi comes to talk to Abeer, but Sartak tells her that Abeer is sleeping because he has a headache. Moushmi is surprised but goes to check, and Abeer is not there. Bappa arrives and tells everyone that Abeer has gone to see Neerja, which shocks Bijoy and Moushmi.

Moushmi gets angry with Sartak for letting Abeer go see Neerja and says that Abeer doesn’t appreciate their love. Bijoy is disappointed too. Meanwhile, Abeer and Neerja are having tea, and Neerja compliments Abeer.
Abeer hears about a nearby shrine where wishes come true, and Neerja wants his help to free Protima from jail. They go to the shrine together and pray. Abeer asks Neerja what she wished for, but she won’t tell him until it comes true. She’s grateful for everything she has received without asking and wants to thank the shrine.

Pre cap: Neerja hears Protima’s voice and rushes out. Didun shows Neerja vidoes of protima being tortured in the jail. Didun says to Neerja she will only when Neerja will agree to perform for her clients.
Neerja agrees and dresses up to save Protima.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


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