Meet 1st October 2023 Written Episode Update: Shlok plans to visit Ajmer Sharief.

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Bilawal is puzzled by Akki suddenly being able to speak, contrary to being mute since birth, don’t you think it’s odd Adil? Shlok pretends that it’s a miracle from God and asks Akki to call him “Chachu.” Akki hesitates and looks at Sumeet for approval. When she nods, Akki calls Shlok “Chachu.” Sumeet worries that Shlok’s overacting might get them caught. Shlok hugs Bilawal and claims that he made a promise to visit the Ajmer Sharif shrine in India if Akki’s voice returned. Bilawal questions why he specifically chose India, suggesting they could visit a shrine in Pakistan instead. Bilawal firmly states that no one from their family will ever go to India. Sumeet argues that fulfilling a promise is a matter of personal choice and would be considered cheating if the vow isn’t kept. Dadu supports Sumeet’s viewpoint and shares his own wish to visit India and asks Bilawal to take him there. Naaz mentions that she’s heard about cancer specialists in India and reveals that Dadu is suffering from cancer, unresponsive to their treatments. Sumeet offers to provide contacts for good doctors in Delhi. Shlok asks Bilawal for permission to take Dadu India with him for treatment. Bilawal insists on taking Dadu to the US, not India.

Zainab also supports the idea of going to Ajmer Sharif for Dadu’s well-being. Pankhuri takes note of Priyanka’s reaction. During a religious ritual, Poonam misses Shlok and Sumeet and decides not to eat Prasad until they return safely. Bilawal expresses distrust towards Indians, but Sumeet engages in a debate with him, emphasizing the importance of treating guests with respect and love in India.

Sumeet believes that Bilawal will send her back to India once the Ganapati festival ends in four days, so she needs to convince them to go to Ajmer Sharif. Sumeet shares her concerns with Naaz, especially about Dadu’s health. Shlok and Sumeet discuss their worries and guilt over the troubles they’ve faced. Zainab searches for Adil, and Naaz has some news to share.

Meanwhile, in the market, Poonam faces negative attention due to a leaked video, making her uncomfortable. Naaz informs everyone that she has convinced Bilawal to allow them to go to Ajmer Sharif, and she intends to join them. Sumeet finds this suspicious. Bilawal agrees to their trip to Ajmer but with a condition – they can go after Adil and Naaz get married.

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