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Keh Doon Tumhein 30th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kirti and Vikrant’s outing

Keh Doon Tumhein 30th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kirti giving good news to Madhuri. Madhuri smiles happily. She suddenly gets sad. She says you are going to a new house, you didn’t tell me about shifting, its okay, I m not your mum that you tell me everything. Kirti asks are you upset, I wanted to tell you, I didn’t get a chance, I understand everything, sorry. Madhuri asks how will I stay. Kirti says we will stay here all day, sorry. She goes to Neha and says you got many pimples. Dadi comes and jokes on Neha. Neha gets upset. Kirti says it will be fine, come.

The staff man Mirajkar is on the way. He thinks I have to find proof related to Anjali’s murder. Bittu is on the way. He thinks why does Sarkar want to get rid of me. Mirajkar hits him by mistake. Bittu vents anger on him and scolds him. He beats Mirajkar. The people stop Bittu. Bittu asks them to get lost.

Madhuri and Kirti come to see the room. Madhuri says it’s a big room, paint is so good. Dadi tries to see. Shreyas comes and smiles seeing Dadi. He asks her to go in and see. Dadi asks why, I don’t care. He says don’t lie. She goes.

Madhuri goes. Vikrant comes and asks is there anything lacking. Kirti says no, the room is good. He says bed and curtains are left. She says I will manage. He says no, I will buy it, you come along and help me. She says I will make you pay double. He says its okay. She says you engage me in talks, you are very clever. He asks shall we go. She says I will change and come, just 10 mins. She goes. He says I can’t wait. Madhuri asks Kirti about Ganpati position. Kirti says I think Dadi is right. She says I have to buy some items, we will come in 10 mins. Madhuri teases her.

Vikrant and Kirti go to buy furniture. Mirajkar reaches the hotel. He calls Kirti. She asks did you reach there. He says yes, I will inform you when I get the info. She says find out if anyone stayed there with Anjali. He thinks where is her focus. He sees some string. He goes and ties a knot. He makes the mattresses fall. He calls out Kirti. She falls. He holds her hand and saves her. She says you should be a super hero, you always save lives, thanks. He asks shall we do shopping. She says yes. Mirajkar shows Anju’s pic. The man says she used to come here every month. Mirajkar asks with whom did she stay here. Kirti and Vikrant take the furniture. She says I will pay for Puru’s umbrella. The man says the other person’s name isn’t written in Anjali’s booking. Vikrant asks did you tell Puru that you are shifting to a new house. It starts raining. They get into the umbrella. She runs and plays in the rain. She asks Vikrant to come. He also stands in the rain. They go and sit inside the car. She splashes her wet hair on his face. He looks at her.

She says I have faced all the storms alone, I will face it alone in future also. The man says there was some taxi driver, you can ask security guard for the info. Mirajkar says okay. Vikrant says I will check the car tyre and come. He goes and opens the dickey. He gets some tool. He looks at Kirti. He punctures the tyre. Mirajkar shows Anjali’s pic to the watchman. The watchman says his name was Bittu, he used to get Anjali here. Vikrant says you won’t deal with any storm alone, I m always with you. He smirks.

Vikrant meets Bittu. He scolds Bittu and takes a knife. Vikrant falls inside a deep pit. He thinks will I take help from a girl. He calls Kirti. Kirti is busy at home in a puja.

Update Credit to: Amena


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