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Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Mahima Spoils Kashvi’s Love Confession

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mahima tells that Mohit called and said that we will do cocktail party day tomorrow as day after tomorrow is the marriage, and says only youngsters are allowed and not elders. Nitya gets a message and says she got message that enquiry committee will decide about her tomorrow. Jagdish says they completed their investigation. Nitya says I hope that they don’t regard me guilty of Golu’s death. Arjun says everyone knows how Golu’s death happened, and it will be wrong if you expect this and asks her to accept the reality. Nitya gets upset and goes. Jagdish asks what is the way to talk to your Mom? Kashvi comes to Arjun. Arjun says I want Mom to accept the reality, and says when Committee holds her responsible and suspends her permanently, then she will feel bad sitting at home. He says I want her to feel less pain. Kashvi says sorry. Arjun asks why you are saying sorry. Later in the night, he gets up to get the water. He sees nitya crying and asks what happened? Nitya says my career and hardwork are going to be destroyed tomorrow, and says I know the facts, and I know that I did a mistake. She says I want your support, but you are supporting Kashvi. She asks if I hold any importance in your life.

She says I gave you upbringing and made you what you are today. She says you couldn’t see my love and just seeing Kashvi’s love. She says I am expecting your support as you are my son, and says when my son doesn’t motivate me then what the world will do. Arjun says I love you very much and it is very difficult to choose between Kashvi and you, and says I am doing what you have taught me since childhood, that to support truth. He says he feels bad, but he has to be with kashvi as she is supporting truth. He says by mistake only, that boy lost his child because of you, we can’t change this truth. He says I can’t support you in this, just because you are my mom. He says I can’t leave Kashvi, I am with her as she is supporting truth. He asks her to accept the truth and hugs her. Kashvi hears and says Arjun is really a nice guy, and says he is proving that I am important for him, and thinks to convey her feelings to him tomorrow, and thinks to do something special for him.

Next day, Kashvi thinks what to make for Arjun. Dadi comes to kitchen and asks her. Kashvi says she wants to make something for Arjun and wants to surprise him. Dadi asks what is special today? Kashvi says I want to tell him that how important and special, he is to me. Dadi asks what? Kashvi says you are Dadi and asks her to understand. She says I want to say I love you to Arjun. Dadi asks her to make cup cakes for him.

She says your Dada ji had made cup cakes and confessed his feelings to me. Kashvi says Dada ji were so romantic, you are lucky. Dadi says you shall be many steps ahead of us. Kashvi says your idea is super hit. Dadi says you are talking like Arjun, you love him so much. She goes out and tells Jagdish that Kashvi is going to confess her feelings to Arjun. Mahima hears and gets upset. Kashvi makes cup cakes and says finally, it is ready. She says I will keep it in the room, and will see his reaction just as he is about to come. Mahima thinks if I am an idiot to let her confess her love to him, I have kept them far till now, and says now see how I ruin your hardwork. Kashvi has written I love you on the cup cakes, and wants Arjun to say the same. She gets a call and says I will come. She thinks to wait for Arjun’s call, and leave for now. She goes. Mahima smirks. Kashvi thinks if Arjun will get angry seeing the cupcakes. She is on the way and the driver tells her about someone’s accident on the road. She asks the people on the road to help the guy. The guy says he has a head injury. Kashvi asks the people to lift him, and she takes him to City hospital.

Mahima brings Micky to Kashvi’s room and asks him to give 500 Rs. She says you have to eat the cake pieces which I give you. She gives him l v e cup cakes. They hear Bijli and go out. Arjun comes there and sees I O U and thinks what I owe to Kashvi. He thinks to eat it, and says it is good. Mahima thinks she has spoiled Kashvi’s plan, and now Arjun will not know about your feelings. She says he will not confess his feelings to you and you will be very hurt, this is what I wanted.

Arjun asks Nitya not to worry and says we will challenge the verdict in court. Jagdish says yes. Nitya says but I will lose my job, career and reputation. The committee member tells Nitya that she will be fired from the job. Kashvi comes there and says 1 min. She says I am sorry sir, Nitya Maa is innocent, you can’t fire her. The committee member says you had given statement to us and now you are saying this. Kashvi says I told what I was told, and says Golu’s parents death is Dr. Chopra and not Nitya. Nitya looks on.

Precap: The Committee member tells that after Golu’s parents statement and seeing the proofs, we have decided that…Arjun tells Kashvi that the cup cakes were tasty, but why did you write that on the cake. Mahima asks Kashvi to wear a short dress. Kashvi wears it. Nitya tells Verma that she got her power of the chair and whatever she plan after today, will be to ruin Kashvi. Later Arjun sees Mohit falling on Kashvi in the locked room, and threatens to kill him.

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