Teri Meri Doriyaan 30th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Akaal And Japjot Visit Sahiba

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Sahiba notices Karthik/Rumi’s hand bleeding and says even he is injured. Rumi says her blood and not his. He notices Angad searching for Sahiba and draws curtains over the window. Sahiba asks what is he doing. Rumi says he doesn’t want media to notice her and trouble her again. He says nobody will trouble her from hereon. She limps. He forcefully holds her foot and corrects her sprain. She walks out saying media must have gone now. Veer notices her and asks what is she doing here, Angad is searching for her. Sahiba asks how is Angad. Veer notices Karthik and asks what is he doing here. Sahiba says Karthik saved her from media’s scrutiny and hid her here. Angad calls Veer. Veer gives phone to Sahiba. They both ask each other at once if they are fine. Angad then asks Veer to drop Sahiba to her hostel. Karthik tells Sahiba that he will drop her to hostel if she feels uncomfortable with Veer. Sahiba says he already helped her a lot, she will go with Veer. Karthik thinks he could touch her today and soon he will get more closer to her.

Japjot tells Akaal and Inder that they shouldn’t have let Sahiba go and should have brought her home. Akaal says even he thinks they shouldn’t have let Sahiba shift to a hostel. Inder says Sahiba is fine now and Veer dropped her to hostel. Manveer walks in and asks if they are talking about Sahiba because of whom Angad’s life was at risk today. Inder says everyone saw Sahiba saving Angad from the accident except her. Manveer says she saw everything and says until Sahiba is in Angad’s life, Angad can’t be happy. Akaal says they have to fix their strained relationships with love.
Japjot says Angad is waiting for Sahiba to return home. Manveer gets adamant and determines to separate Angad from Sahiba and perform his second marriage. Japjot asks if she know what she is telling. Manveer says she knows Angad can’t be happy until Sahiba is in his life and is ready to break this family’s rule for Angad’s happiness.

Next morning, Veer tells Angad that he tried to ask Sahiba if she has any problem, but she is not ready to reveal anything. Angad says Sahiba will not tell him anything. Akaal and Japjot walk in and asks if he spoke to Sahiba. Angad says Sahiba has blocked his number and wouldn’t speak to him even if he calls her from an unknown number. Event manager Sanjeev calls him and informs that the stalker was not from the music troupe. Her says maybe he is the one who sent flowers for Sahiba. Japjot asks what does he mean. Angad reveals that someone had sent a flower bouquet to Sahiba a few days ago and he thinks he is stalking Sahiba since long. Japjot says then Sahiba shouldn’t stay in hostel. Angad says he tried to convince her, but she doesn’t want to listen to him at all.

Akaal and Japjot visit Sahiba’s college and ask her to get into their car. She gets in. Japjot asks if she didn’t remember them. Sahiba says she remembers them each day. Japjot asks then why didn’t she visit them. Sahiba says situation got so unfavorable that she couldn’t visit them. They take her to a restaurant and asks her to walk in. She walks in and is shocked to see Angad. She tells Angad that if it’s his plan, she wouldn’t have come here. Angad says even he is surprised as they Akaal and Japjot brought him here. Sahiba says she can’t withstand him. Angad says even he can’t. Sahiba closes her eyes and says even he should and maintain silence until Akaal and Japjot come. Akaal and Japjot walk in and tell Sahiba that they don’t know what happened between them, but they both have to sort out the issues fast as someone is trying to misuse their differences and trying to separate them. Japjot says Sahiba’s life is in danger and nothing is more precious than life, she has issues with Angad, but she can’t risk her life by staying in hostel and should return home. They both try to convince Sahiba to return home.

Precap: Manveer informs family that she will get Angad divorce Sahiba and marry Seerat. Family is shocked to hear that while Seerat gets happy. Angad forcefully brings Sahiba home and says she will stay here as her life is in danger. Manveer yells this shameless girl can’t stay in this house. Angad warns her to dare not speak a word against his wife Sahiba.

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