May I Come In Madam 2 30th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Sajan Fails To Fulfill Sanjana’s Demand

May I Come In Madam 2 30th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Sanjana loving Sajan’s brought gobhi paratha. Sajan lies tha the prepared it and is superchef Sanjeev Ghafoor’s student. Sanjana calls Chedi and asks him to taste Sajan’s prepared gobhi paratha. Chedi tastes it and says very nice. Sanjana says Sajan is Sanjeev uncle’s student. Chedi says he wants to kiss Sajan’s hands. Sajan says it’s okay. Chedi forcefully kisses his fingers. Sajan says they are his fingers and not gobhi paratha. Chedi says they were tasty. In the lift, Sanjana asks Sajan if he got an idea for their new ad. Sajan says yes and starts his story. Sanjana warns him to stop his old story and says he is losing on his job because of this. Sajan apologizes. Sanjana says she can forgive him if he brings gobhi paratha for her. Sajan happily agrees.

Ramvati asks Kashmira what is she preparing for lunch. Kashmira says she wants to prepare aloo gobhi lapatma, but can’t due to Sajan’s warning. Ramvati insists. Balu brings aloo gobhi lapatma for Kashmira and asks her to forget Sajan’s warning. Kashmira refuses and asks him to leave. Ramvati snatches his tiffin. Sajan returns home. At night, he gets romantic with Kashmira, but gets back sprain trying to lift her. He says she has put on weight like her mother. Kashmira says he has maintained herself, but he has gone weak. Sajan says he will get strong if she feeds him gobhi parathas for a week. Sanjana gets angry and refuses his request. At night, Daadi emerges and as usual troubles Sajan. Sajan calls Khiloni and seeks his help. Khiloni gives him an idea.

Next day at office, Sanjana asks Sajan if he brought her gobhi paratha. Sajan shows his bandaged fingers and says he got a dreaded disease arthritis and can’t move his fingers. Sanjana asks if this had to happen today itself. She then says her blouse hooks are unbuttoned, but he can’t help her. Sajan acts as trying hard and moving his fingers normally. Sanjana’s cousin walks in and says her uncle wants them both to visit Najabgarh. Sanjana asks her to fix her blouse hook and says she can go to Najabgarh alone. Sajan stands disappointed. Sanjana demands him to bring it tomorrow.

Sajan visits Khiloni at night and explaining the situation to him asks a solution. Khiloni suggests him to use reverse psychology and degrade Kashmira’s cooking skills, she will prepare paratha for him for sure. Kashmira prepares dinner. Ramvati insists her to prepare gobhi lapatma. Sanjana refuses. Balu walks in and recites a poem for her. Kashmira asks what was that. He says a poem for her and says she shouldn’t obey Sajan. Kashmira asks him and Ramvati to leave from there. Comedic events continue..

Precap: Sanjana asks Sajan to prepare tasty gobhi parathas. Sajan promises her, but Sanjana refuses to prepare prathas. Sajan curses Khiloni’s idea.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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