Imlie 30th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Imlie Faces Agastya’s Questions

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Imlie arranges food at Agastya and Noyonika’s engagement party. She prays god to let Noyonika’s father praise her food and convince boss babu/Agastya not to remove her from chef’s job as she needs 2 lakhs for Ashu’s injection. She hears Mr Johri scolding his staff when he learns that singer fell ill and can’t sing at the function. She walks to Mr Johri. Johri identifies her as bar singer Imlie. Imlie requests him to let her sing in the function. Johri says it’s high-profile function which will be attended by rich VIPs, can a bar singer sing here. Imlie promises to sing really well and make his guest happy as she in dire need of money. Johri agrees and promises to pay her 1.75 lakhs. Imlie gets happy and thinks she will get 25000 rs from today’s chef job and can buy Ashu’s injection.

Mrs Johri walks to her and says a bar singer can’t sing at their function. Mr Johri says Imlie is a talented singer. Mrs Johri says they will be shamed if someone identifies a bar singer. Imlie says she sings bhajans daily and when god doesn’t differentiate her singing, why should anyone bother; she promises to sing hiding her face. Mrs Johri easily gets convinced with her heavy dialogues. Staff asks Imlie to get ready and starts singing. Mr Johri welcomes Agastya’s family. Agastya notices Imlie and calls her. Imlie thinks she shall inform him truth after the function. Agastya asks if her work is done. Imlie says she did it with loyalty. Agastya laughs and says he knows how loyal she is and says there is a surprise for her tonight. Imlie stands confused.

Pallo and Bulbul enter function disguised as maids and plan to steal costly stuff from the house. Imlie gets ready for the singing and thinks she has to use Noyonika’s name one last time for Ashu’s treatment. She draws a veil over her face.
Girls walk in to take the bride down. Staff says she is a singer and not bride. Girls comment that they got confused with a cheap singer as bride. Imlie walks on stage and is about to start singing when Agastya stops her and says he knows her true identity now, she is a cheap bar singer; he asks her to sing and entertain guests. Imlie starts singing Chalte Chalte.. song. Agastya sits staring at her. Amrit thinks he heard this voice somewhere and records her voice.

Sonali’s mother gets upset recalling Agastya’s mother who was a bar singer ruining her life by trapping her husband. Amma tries to comfort her. Sonali’s mother says her husband gave her only betrayal and threw Agastya in her life, and as if Agastya wasn’t enough to trouble her, he brought bar singer today. Sonali backs her mother and says Agastya was continuously staring at the bar singer. Govind says she was singing so pleasantly that everyone were staring at her. Agastya confronts Imlie for her lies and says being chef is a respectable job which a bar singer can’t handle. Imlie delivers her earlier dialogue she delivered in a bar. Agastya identifies her.

Precap: Imlie tells Agastya that he had insulted her in a bar, but today if he does so, he will be insulted between respectable people and threatens to give her money silently.

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