Bhagya Lakshmi 1st October 2023 Written Episode Update: Neelam takes stubborn decision to get Rishi back to Malishka

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The Episode starts with Lakshmi waking up and looking for Rishi. She says where did he go, he couldn’t sleep in night. She finds him at the other side, near her and says he might be giving some air to me. She thinks to call Shalu and asks her to get kitchen stuff and clothes, and send address to her. Dadi sees Neelam in the temple with Malishka. Neelam says like you taught me, I am teaching Malishka what is Oberoi family bahu routine. She says she has taught her to make prasad. She says I used to do puja with you. Malishka will do puja with you from now onwards. She asks Malishka to pray for Rishi. She asks Malishka to do aarti. They all do aarti together. Malishka is happy. Bani and Shalu are leaving from the house. Rano asks where they are taking all the stuff outside. Shalu says we are taking breakfast and other things for di and jiju. Rano says she is waiting for breakfast and they are taking breakfast for them. She scolds them and thinks Rishi is rich, she shall not tell this to him. She asks Shalu and Bani to call Rishi and Lakshmi here, and says Rishi shall not have any problem. She goes. Bani says for Chachi, money is bigger. Shalu says chachi might hear and tells that Chachi said right that they shall call them here.

Karishma asks how we will bring Rishi? Neelam tells Karishma that she will bring Rishi very soon, as she can’t see Rishi in poverty and troubles. She says Rishi will live his live and destiny, here with Malishka and says Rishi and Malishka will marry. She says when everyone comes for breakfast, then call me, I am going to make an important announcement which nobody could think of.

Lakshmi wakes up Rishi and says good morning, come out of dreams. Rishi asks how did I come here? He then remembers. Lakshmi has brought water bucket and says there is no water in the bathroom. Rishi says there is just roof and walls, and says basic things should have worked. Lakshmi says Kashi aunty said that it is under construction building. Lakshmi says everything will be fine in some days. Rishi takes bucket to the bathroom and some water falls down. Lakshmi says this way, all the water will fall down. Rishi takes the bucket. Lakshmi thinks to wipe it, but Rishi comes there and slips stepping on the wet floor. Lakshmi laughs at him. He holds her hand and makes her fall too. Lakshmi gets up and says I will never hold your hand again. Rishi says I am sorry and says if you don’t hold my hand then I will die. Lakshmi keeps her hand on his mouth and says don’t say like this. Rishi says you also promise me that you will not hold my hand else I will open the window and jump out from here. Lakshmi says ok, I will never say this. He asks her to hold his hand. Lakshmi holds his hand. He smiles.

Malishka and Karishma come to the dining table. Malishka says if nobody came as I came. Karishma says don’t think this, and asks if she knows what Bhabhi is going to do, she is doing something big. Malishka asks what? Virender, Dadi and Ayush come there. Karishma asks about Neelam. Virender says I didn’t know, and says she is not talking to me. Karishma says when the family members don’t support her, then she is doing right. Virender is about to answer her, when Dadi stops Virender and asks Ayush to call Neelam. Neelam comes there.

Rishi asks Lakshmi, until when I will be in these clothes. Lakshmi says Shalu and Bani will clothes. He says home will be set soon and till then he shall adjust. Rishi says I will never adjust and wants to live life with you, and says I can spend all my life here in these clothes. Malishka says if Rishi had food, if he got the home. Ayush says no need to worry, he got the home. Malishka asks did you talk to him. Virender says I had talked to him and tells that he got home, and asks her not to worry, as Lakshmi is with him. Neelam says if anyone worry or not, but I want my son to return here. Karishma thinks Bhabhi want to do announcement about Rishi.

Lakshmi tells Rishi about the game. She runs behind him to catch him. He says you are not doing hop and catch. Lakshmi says langdi. She hops one leg to catch him. Shalu and Bani get happy to see them happy. They greet Rishi and thank him for supporting Di. Rishi promises that he will give all the happiness to Lakshmi. He asks them to thank Ayush on his behalf and says if I had agreed on your sayings then this wouldn’t have happened. Shalu says she has brought Rajma Chawal. Rishi says he is very hungry.

Virender says he is not a small kid to be brought back. Neelam says he is my son and a mother keeps the evil reflection away from her son. Virender says Lakshmi is not bad, you are misunderstanding her. Neelam says she just wants her son back and until he returns, she will not have any food or water. Ayush says Mami. Neelam stops him.

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