Radha Mohan 28th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Radha gets worried for Mohan

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Ramaveshwar says that their family is facing such a big problem and he even lost his job, Radha gets shocked asking how did it happen when Ramaveshwar says that the Mandir along with the house went to Damini so she ousted him from the job, Radha requests him to not let anyone from the family find out about it since they are already worried and would lose hope, Ramaveshwar leaves saying he would surely keep it a secret, Radha turning to Ba Kai Bihari jee prays that he should protect their family from all the problems while even giving her the strength to fight them, Radha turns but is shocked to see Mohan standing there, he says she hides her own problems only because he or the rest of the family members should be worried, Mohan wonders how would he be able to pay back to Baba or Dadi, Radha stops him mentioning one only needs to pay back to the strangers but those who are family face everything together, she holding the hand of Mohan explaining he is most important and valuable for her, Radha smiling hugs Mohan tightly who also starts smiling after hugging her. Radha remembers how she got close to Mohan and he finally expressed his feelings for her, he even shunned everything of this world just for her sake, Mohan and Radha finally step away from each other when he is still smiling, Mohan says he forgot to tell her one thing, she gets shocked asking why is he giving this news in such a sad manner, Radha asks where did he get the job, Mohan replies in the Prestige publication and they even gave the money for the medicine, he hands her the rest of the advance which Radha places in the Mandir, she says she told him that Ba Kai Bihari jee opens new ways whenever one single door is closed so now they would be able to take good care of their family and everything would be fine, Radha hugs Mohan when he feels sorry for lying to Radha but says it is necessary to save their family, Mohan remembers when Damini said that from now on he would works as her assistant, the doll is placed on the console. Damini sitting with everyone mentions all the things are going according to her plan as the reason for the strong bond of Radha and Mohan was their honesty towards each other but now everything is going to be ruined, she remembers when Mohan refused to marry her saying he loves Radha, she starts smiling.

In the night Radha places water beside everyone when she constantly starts looking at Mohan, Radha yawns when Tulsi asks her to also sleep as it has gotten very late while she will stand guard at the door, Radha after lying down tries to sleep but she keeps turning in her bed and is not able to sleep at all, Radha turning to Mohan starts looking at him wondering how can she fall asleep on this pillow as the hand of Mohan is her pillow, she rests her hand on his arm while smiling looking at him, she remembers when Mohan informed her about his job so thanks Ba Kai Bihari jee as he helped her Mohan jee get the job, she thinks that now everything would be fine. Radha closes her eyes to fall asleep after which Mohan opens his eyes, thinking how Damini offered him to work as an assistant for her, he recalls when Radha praised him for being very clever and even supported him saying he must not worry about the family, Mohan removes his hand and turns to sleep, she thinks that her pillow went away but the she hugs Mohan tightly, he apologizes to Radha as he lied to her but there was no other way left.

In the morning Ketki is helping kadambari have the breakfast while everyone is also working in the house, Mohan is rushing out of the house when Radha asks where is he going, he replies he is going for the office, Rahul says that Mohan found the job in a single day and what is the address of his office, Mohan says it is in Mathrua, Kadmabari asks Rahul to also drop Mohan at Mathrua when he will go to drop Gungun at her school, Rahul replies he is not interested in taking Mohan anywhere, Radha asks Mohan to at least eat some sweetened yogurt but he leaves saying he is very late, Radha wonders what has happened to Mohan jee as he is not talking to her since last night, she wonders what if he in some sort of trouble.

Mohan reaches the Trivedi publication but is shocked to see that it is locked and wonders what has happened since Damini said they have to start working from today.

Damini comes with a cup of coffee when she is shocked to see Kaveri who is resting on the couch while wearing all of the jewelry, Damini asks what is she doing, Kaveri replies that she is not her mother right now but rather queen Kaveri, she asks Damini if she is looking nice but Damini replies she is looking like a gold shop, Mohit and Bhushan aloo start smiling seeing her, Damini asks her to also wear the watches of Ajeet and Rahul, she asks kaveri why is she wearing the saree of Kadambari, Kaveri asks why should she not wear it as Kadambari got the beautiful colors in her life while she was stuck with the simple clothes, but now she can do anything in her life, she starts praising herself hearing which Damini gets furious, Damini gets a call from Mohan who asks what is going on as she said they have to start working from today but the office is closed, Damini says that Mohan should come to her house where she will inform him what he must do, Damini thinks he must come as there is a very big job waiting for him.

Rahul comes with Gungun who is ready for the school, she sits on the scooty when Radha asks her to be careful, she is shocked after seeing the mark on the shirt of Mohan and wonders how did it get there, she wonders what is going on with Mohan jee.

Mohan asks Damini what does she want him to do, Damini says that where should she hire him, as the post of the accountant, office boy and even the peon is filled while there is just one post left, she thinks of when Mohan refused to marry her, Damini says that she took everything from him but he snatched her servant and so he would work as their servant, Kaveri and Bhushan both are shocked hearing it, Damini explains Mohan would have to do everything in the house and is going to be the only servant, Mohan angrily makes a punch seeing which Kaveri and Bhushan are worried, Damini also gets tensed seeing how furious Mohan has gotten, kaveri asks what okay suggesting they should run away because if he gets angry then might beat them all, Mohan starts walking towards Damini, she warns him but he refuses to stop, she threatens him with the small knife but he picks up the cloth in front of her saying what if Dulari left as he is still here, he asks if they should sweep the floor when Kaveri replies they are clean, Mohan asks Damini if she is also clean when she asks him to clean from the other side, he says that the filth is filled inside them hearing which Damini gets worried.

Radha standing in the kitchen is lost thinking how the behavior of Mohan jee changed from last night and he seemed very tensed, she wonders what is Mohan jee thinking and the reason he is hiding it all from his own Radha, she pleads that he should tell her the truth, Radha is worried.

Precap: Damini, on call, says, Trivedi family is trying to start a new business and I don’t want the business to bloom. A lady says don’t worry work will be done. Lady applies some black product on her face and walks out and says what expired cream you applied on my face, it reacted to my skin. Everyone is in shock after seeing her face. Kadambari walks to Radha and says she is the same lady who hit me with bucket.

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