Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 28th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Suraj shows trust on Kesar

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 28th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kabir telling Hetal that it is not truth whatever she is saying and says Kesar and I…Hetal slaps him and says don’t take Kesar name along with your name, else and raises hand on him again when Shakuntala comes there and shouts Hetal, how dare you to raise hand on my son. She says my son don’t roam around girls, but girls roam around him. Kabir asks Shakuntala to calm down. He tells Hetal that she is elder and can slap him, but when he has done a mistake. Hetal says something was wrong surely between you both. She sees Suraj and says Kesar’s would be husband Suraj will decide. Kesar, Ambika and others look at Suraj. Ambika gets emotional and recalls Baa’s words, and Suraj’s words that he will not question her and will go just like Shri Ram went to vanvas for 14 years.

Suraj comes there and prays to the God. He then goes to Ambika and touches her feet. Ambika says Suraj and hugs him. Hetal tells Suraj that it will be difficult for him, but Kabir and Kesar…both. Suraj stops her and asks Kabir what had happened. Kabir tells that Kesar went upstairs with Darshan and I went behind her to talk to her. He says just as I stop her, she stumbled and fell and I held her hand, when Jinal, Hetal and Jayati kaki came there and misunderstood. Suraj asks what you want to talk to her. Kabir says I want to tell her that Kesar’s life is in danger. Suraj asks she has danger with whom? Kabir says with herself. He says Kesar is wearing silk dupatta and today there are Diyas everywhere. I saw her dupatta about to burn 2-3 times, and that’s why I went behind her to alert her. He says you can check the diya there, where she had fallen. Suraj says he is saying truth. Hetal says we have seen them together. Suraj says sometimes what we see is not truth. Hetal says you are trusting a stranger. Suraj says I know how to deal with people. Shakuntala asks did you hear truth? Hetal asks him to ask Kesar what is truth? Suraj says raising a question on kesar is like raising a question on my mother’s upbringing which I will not do, and will not let others do it. He shows Hetal and jinesh’s company’s balance sheet, and says their house, company and everything is mortgaged. She tells Hetal that if she knows who is the investor who saved her home, and says she is my mother. Ambika looks on. He says if Maa wanted then she would have insult you, but helped you without letting anyone know, and you have humiliated Kesar infront of everyone, so that my Maa’s decision which she took 20 years before, can be proved wrong. He says I know you want to become the part of Raj Gaur family, and for that, you don’t need to snatch other’s place. Baa asks Hetal if she was not done after ruining their house 20 years before. Hetal says everyone is right, only I am wrong. She says I didn’t want Kesar’s dupatta to be stained. Kesar tells Hetal, even you have kept fast..we shall break the fast altogether. Shakuntala tells bhakti that this witch is very clever. She comes to her Saloon and asks her husband to take his customers outside. Then she locks the door and asks Bhakti to massage her shoulder. Bhakti says ok. Shakuntala asks her to search gold laying hen for her son, who gives dowry every year. She says Kabir is very handsome and today’s girls get mad for handsome guys. Bhakti says she has a rich girl in her sight.

Baa, Hetal-Jinesh, Jinal-Pareen and others do the aarti of the God. Then they break fast with their husband’s hand. Kesar breaks her fast herself. Suraj comes to Kabir and says 8 years before, you had saved Kesar from the kidnappers, and thanks him for that. Kabir asks him not to be formal and is about to keep hand on his shoulder. Suraj moves away and says that day you helped your mother and not Kesar, and Maa wants Kesar to be Raj Gaur bahu, and if any question is raised on Kesar then it will be raised on my mother, so stay away from her. Kabir says just this, ok. Suraj thanks him and turns to go. Kabir asks him, if you want to marry Kesar for yourself or for your mother. Kesar hears him. Baa calls her and she goes. Suraj says it is none of your business. Kabir says I was just asking and says I will leave. He leaves.

Ambika comes to her room and keeps glass of water. Suraj comes there and keeps hand on her eyes. Ambika says Suraj. He asks why you have tears in your eyes. Ambika says I had taken decision to send you to London 20 years before, but there was no day, when I didn’t miss you. Suraj asks her to sit, and keeps his head on her lap. He says I am here, your Suraj is back and asks her to wipe her tears. Ambika says this is happy tears. She says whatever you did for Kesar today. He says we have all life to talk about this, right now I want to sleep in your lap.

Kesar comes to her room and recalls Kabir’s question to Suraj and thinks what he want to say. Later she is in the kitchen and still thinking. Kesar makes tea. Ambika switches off the gas knob and says it is boiling. She says Ginger and Fennel tea, Suraj likes it, whenever I used to visit him, he used to ask me to make the tea. She says 20 years passed and Suraj came back after completing his studies. Suraj comes there and hugs Ambika. Ambika asks him to drink tea and says Kesar made the way you like. He says I want tea made by you. Kesar says I understand. Ambika says ok.

Precap: Suraj tells Kesar that Maa had asked him to get the bangles made for her bahu. He says my decision is the same which my mother had taken 20 years back, and says I will marry you. Ambika asks Kesar to wear it, when her heart agrees, and says there is no pressure or burden. Kesar looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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