Kavya 29th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kavya and Adhiraj’s meet

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The Episode starts with Kavya getting stuck in traffic became of a horse cart. Adhiraj says I will go as I like, everyone is in a hurry. She reaches the train station. Jaideep comes there. She takes his blessings. She says so much changed in a day. He says Shubh didn’t say anything wrong. She says no, you don’t know the entire thing. He says no, he asked you to wait for one year, that’s all, you don’t know the entire matter, watch this. He shows Shubh’s video. He says I never saw Shubh like this, I left my work and came here, I m your Guru, but Shubh is my son, I worked hard on you and didn’t trust my son more, it’s a matter of one day. Kavya says you remember when you told me stories of IAS life, Gauri used to say she was troubled by your posting and went to her Maayka, what did you say, you said IAS isn’t a job, it’s a calling, you didn’t leave your job for Gauri. He says our times were different. She asks why, because you are a man, my Guru never underestimated myself and always told me that this moment is yours, I earned it, sorry. She asks will Shubh pass if I stay here. He says stay back to give me Guru Dakshina. She says I can’t stay back, relations aren’t made on conditions, forgive me, I can’t do this. He requests her. She doesn’t listen. She cries. He says you don’t think you reached the destination, no, you weren’t alone in this journey, I want to see how you became an officer without my blessings. He leaves. Coolie comes to take her bags. She says I will carry my bags and reach the destination.

Adhiraj comes to help. He says give your bags, I will pay, I m your fan, you are the last night’s Chudail. The coolie gets scared. Adhiraj jokes. He tells her lines. She walks ahead. Anjali is worried. Rajeev repairs a fan. Everyone misses Kavya. Adhiraj says you sat on a wrong seat.

She gets angry and asks why shall I leave my seat, its my right. He says show the ticket. She asks why. He calls the TC. TC checks her seat and asks her to go to her seat. Kavya says fine. Her file falls. He says don’t play this ladies card, it doesn’t suit you. Mayank makes noodles. Rajeev says its not like Kavya makes. Anjali says I liked it, its not spicy. Adhiraj is on call. He breaks up with someone. Kavya looks on. He says bad manners to hear my talks. She says you told her its over, it’s the limit. He says I don’t like those who my dad likes. She asks what about that girl, you all are one type. He tears a chip packet. The chips fall over her. He jokes. She gets angry. He says train is late, some drama is happening there, go and do something, the passengers need you.

TC says public is worried, we have to leave. Kavya goes and saves the TC. Adhiraj says now watch the live drama. Kavya argues with them. Giriraj comes and says everything here runs on my order. Adhiraj looks on. She says these people have stopped the train, you can’t put the people in trouble because of personal feelings.

He threatens her. She says think well, there are cameras everywhere. He throws the stick and scolds his guard. She says I m Kavya Bansal. He says yes, did your marriage get saved or broke, I know girls like you, I see future sometimes, time will pass and you will get frustrated, you will become lady officer. She taunts him. She says if public asks answer one day, then you will be gone, you are recorded, people are watching, everyone has phones. Adhiraj whistles. Everyone claps. Giriraj also claps. He starts acting well. He says I will never forget your name now. She says yes, time doesn’t stop for anyone. She goes. He gets angry.


Kavya joins the academy. Shubh troubles her. Jaideep is the academy director. He asks Kavya to take a year to prepare and go back. Kavya cries.

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