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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 28th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Ishan Calls Savi as Characterless

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 28th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

ACP Bajiaro Rane exercises with his team in a dancing style on a rock song. Savi passes by and watches them. Bajirao asks his team if they exercise to get fit and catch criminals. Staff nod yes. Bajirao says they dance on 2-3 songs a day to keep themselves stress-free and keep BP and sugar at bay. Savi smiles hearing him. Bajirao then wears his headset and walks away from there. His wallet falls down. Savi picks it and calls him. He doesn’t listen to her lost in music. She borrows a flower from a flower vendor and throws it on him. He turns and asks who threw it on him. Savi walks to him. He says they usually throw flowers on god in their village, does she think he is dev manus/god natured or is she flirting with him. Savi asks him to let her speak and says he dropped his wallet and when he didn’t listen to her voice due to headset, she threw flower of him. He thanks her for returning wallet and introduces himself as Bajirao. She asks if he is ACP Baji Rao. He asks if she is stalking him. Savi says she is not, Shantanu told he is his student and suggested to meet him regarding a case. Bajirao calls her to police station.

At police station, Bajirao listens to her story and praises her bravery. He offers her flower as reward. He asks Savi if she caught photo of goons’ bike. Savi says yes and her professor was passing by who heard her pleas and rescued her. Bajirao asks name of the professor. Constable informs him that a person who took his appointment has come. Bajirao asks him to inform the person to wait for some time. Ishan walks in and asks Bajirao if his hobby of keeping people wait hasn’t gone. Their argument starts. Savi asks if they know each other and are friends? Bajirao says they were just classmates. Ishan asks Savi what is she doing here. Savi says she came here to file complaint regarding yesterday’s incident. Ishan says he came here regarding the same. Bajirao asks Savi to show him the pic and says he will catch the goons soon. Savi asks if she can leave now. He says yes. She walks towards door when he stops her and gives her flower. Ishan recalls Surekha’s allegations that Savi impresses rich and powerful men for her benefit. Isha also walks out of cabin.

Out of police station, Ishan accuses Savi of impressing rich and powerful men for her benefit and says gives example of Shantanu whom she impressed and got admission in college and is leading an easy life. Savi says her life is not easy, he interviewed her and gave her admission, he refuses to give her college accommodation and she didn’t oppose him much. Ishan says she is misusing Shantanu and staying with him, Bhosale family will be defamed because of her, and he calls her characterless. Savi warns him to mind his tongue and look at himself first. She says she will end this issue soon and walks away from there.

Nishikanth calls Shantanu and asks him not to let Savi stay with him or else people will badmouth about Bhosale family. Shantanu says he is not bothered about the people and knows what he is doing. Nishi says people will use foul language against them. Shantanu says he knows the people who is listening to him on a speaker and this cheap thinking, he is more bothered about Bhosale family than them and asks them to stop their filthy cheap thinking. Yashwant gets irked and yells that Isha is totally controlling Shantanu’s mind. Shantanu informs Isha that he is worried about Savi hearing Nishikant, Surekha, and Yashwant’s cheap thinking. Isha says they all 3 are filthy cheap who make opinions about others. Savi walks in crying and says someone said she uses rich and powerful men for her benefit and is characterless. Isha asks who said that, Yashwant or Nishi or Surekha. She nods no. Isha asks Ishan? Savi says yes and says she wants to return to Ramtek and doesn’t want to stay here anymore.

Precap: Savi tells Isha that she can’t tolerate anyone questioning her character, so she will return to Ramtek but before that will give a befitting reply to Ishan and prove her innocence. Shantanu says Ishan has to be taught a lesson. Ishan calls Savi as characterless again. Ishan warns him to shut his mouth and listen to her.

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