Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 28th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Deepak decides to marry Kamla.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 28th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In this episode, Ramji wants everyone to patient for the time that would change the world order, time will bring warriors who would fight for lower caste, Rama assures that Bhim Rao will be one of them. Bhim Rao doesn’t know If he would change the world but make sure that no manager fires another Bhim Rao from office.

Deepak reminisce about Kamla. Purushottam comes questioning, he wanted Deepak to marry Kamla, its not that Deepak can not study after marriage, but Deepak doesn’t listen to anyone. Kamla is leaving the city tomorrow, we don’t get good proposals daily, but neither Deepak would listen nor Bhim Rao.

Next day, Purushottam wishes for Deepak to comply. Deepak comes, Purushottam asks Deepak not to tell Shoba that he went to meet Kamla. Deepak tells Purushottam that he is ready for marriage. Purushottam instantly calls Bhim Rao asking Deepak to tell what he said. Deepak thinks that it would hurt Bhim Rao. Purushottam wants Deepak to speak despite difference of opinion. Deepak is ready for marriage. Bhim Rao questions as he just refused. Purushottam sends Deepak. Bhim Rao stops Deepak, he knows that Deepak can not carry the burden of a family. Deepak questions as Bhim Rao married early as well. Purushottam doesn’t want Bhim Rao to lecture him, Bhim Rao lived so will Deepak, Bhim Rao should not pressurize Deepak. Purushottam sends Deepak upstairs announcing about his son’s marriage. Ramji questions Purushottam, Nandu favors Ramji while Manohar supports Purushottam. Deepak wants to marry Kamla because he likes her. Hitesh and Joku await for the wedding. Janardan will complete the preparation. Rama doesn’t want anyone to crush Deepak for their happiness. Jijabai stops Rama. Bhim Rao supports Rama, they stand with there stance. Shoba enters the chawl, Rama informs her about Deepak’s decision to get married. Shoba leaves.

Hitesh informs Vaijnath who celebrate the brilliant news, Vaijnath gives Hitesh money for it. Vaijnath would love to see Bhim Rao shatter as his favourite supporter will act against him. A man listens to them. Hitesh invites them to chawl. Shishupal wants to visit the chawl and see Bhim Rao collapse. Vaijnath questions the man, asks him to leave. The man taunts Vaijnath for having an absurd mind as one of his son is in jail while the other lost his eyesight yet he is here celebrating someone going against Bhim Rao. Vaijnath sends the man away, he leaves praising Bhim Rao.

Shoba tells Deepak the responsibilities that comes with marriage, he wont be able to continue his education. Deepak questions as Bhim Rao is doing it. Purushottam knocks on the door to have it opened. Deepak refuse to listen to Shoba, feels that Purushottam cares more about him than Shoba. Shoba was about to tell Deepak why Purushottam wants Deepak to get married. Purushottam breaks the door, sends Deepak out. Purushoitam threatens to make Deepak run away if Shoba doesn’t comply. He sends her to start the wedding preparation.

Bala and Anand doesn’t think that they should talk more on Deepak’s marriage. Bhim Rao refuse, he needs to be talked to. Lakshmi questions as Deepak doesn’t want to listen. Karuna tells that Bhim Rao can not stop if someone doesn’t want to listen. Rama agrees. Jijabai taunts. Meera supports Bhim Rao, she advises him to do what Bhimababi used to do.

Bhim Rao calls Deepak and asks if he loves him. Deepak loves Bhim Rao. Purushottam forbids Bhim Rao from talking to Deepak. Deepak allows Bhim Rao to talk. Bhim Rao wants to know if Deepak trusts him, and if he does Deepak needs to tell why he decided to get married. Purushotta interrupts. Shoba wants Bhim Rao to talk to Deepak. Deepak will tell the truth, he met the girl, found her intelligent and beautiful, there is nothing wrong in marrying her.

The Episode Ends.

Update Credit to: Sona


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