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Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Nitya Gets Kashvi Arrested

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Arjun tells Kashvi that he has to give tonic to Mohit, and asks him to get up and dance. Mohit says he is feeling as if he has no legs. Mahima says she is marrying such guy. Arjun asks her not to say for sometime. He asks Mohit if he wants to give sadness to Mahima for life or give her happiness. He motivates him to dance for Mahima’s lifetime happiness. Mohit gets up and dance with Mahima. Kashvi thanks Arjun for motivating Mohit to dance. Arjun thanks her for coming in his life. Mahima and Mohit give a fine performance. Verma asks Nitya, what we will tell to Police. Nitya says she has arranged everything already. She recalls seeing Dadi having the money and thinks to use it for her own use. She says when everyone was busy then I took some cash from the bag and kept it in Arjun’s cupboard. She thinks to get Police raided in Arjun’s room, and then everyone will believe that Kashvi had taken the money. She tells Mirchi that he shall return and give the statement, and then Police will find money in Kashvi’s room. Mirchi asks how you will take me to Police. Nitya says I have made all the arrangements. She calls Commissioner and tells that her informer called her and said that he saw Mirchi Langra, and then she came there, though she is suspended. She asks him to come there and says she will send the location. Commissioner says he will reach there. Nitya asks him to come there with his team. She ends the call and asks Constables and Verma to go from there.

Next performance is by Kashvi and Arjun. Mahima gets jealous seeing their performance. Bijli comes to the stage. Mohit asks Dadi and his mother to sit for 2 mins. His mother says they have some work. Mohit insists. They sit. Keval asks the guests to have food. Jagdish calls Nitya and says pick up the call. Arjun asks what happened? Jagdish says he is worried for Nitya. Nitya comes there with Police Commissioner. He asks what happened Mom. Nitya says I will tell you and asks the guests to leave, as it is a professional matter. All the guests leave. Arjun asks what happened? Jagdish also asks her. Nitya says when she was returning from hospital then she got informer’s call about Mirchi langra’s hideout and she got him arrested. Arjun gets happy and asks Nitya why she did this off duty. Nitya says she gave info to Commissioner and he got him caught. Kashvi thanks him and says now he can’t do anything.

Commissioner says we have some info to share with you all. Mirchi tells that someone helped me to escape and Kashvi herself helped me. Arjun asks what nonsense you are saying, and is blaming Kashvi fakely. He asks him not to take her name with his dirty tongue. Commissioner says Mirchi had given money to Kashvi to help him escape. Kashvi says why I will take money from him and tells Nitya that she knows it. She says Mirchi Langra is lying. Commissioner says that’s why we have brought him here, and tells that they will raid the house. Arjun asks if he will get Civil service officer raided. He says he trusts kashvi fully and asks Nitya, why did he bring Mirchi Langra here, and asks how she can believe her.

Nitya asks what is wrong with you, and says Mirchi said this, and asks when I am saying that I don’t trust Kashvi. She says when the money is not found then it will be proved that Kashvi didn’t do anything wrong. Kashvi says let them check the house and asks the officer to check. Inspector asks them to stay there and cooperate. Mahima asks Kashvi why she has spoiled her function. Arjun says it is national security matter and asks her to shut up and not to blame Kashvi always. The constable finds the money bag as told by Nitya and tells Inspector. They all go there and see money. Dadi is shocked as well. Kashvi tells that this is not her money, and she doesn’t know who has kept it here. She says she has really no idea. Arjun says someone is trying to trap Kashvi and asks Commissioner to understand. Commissioner says law sees proofs, and asks Inspector to arrest her. Arjun says Kashvi is not like that, she is honest and will not take bribe.

Precap: Arjun tells Nitya that he feels that she has done this, as she is still angry with Kashvi for her suspension. Nitya tells Jagdish about the enquiry tomorrow. The committee member is about to take the decision, when Kashvi comes there and tells that Nitya maam is innocent and says she has file and reports to prove this.

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