Titli 28th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Titli warns Megha

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The Episode starts with Garv getting beaten up. Titli says don’t worry, I m coming. The goons beat him and provoke him. Titli comes there. She picks a trishul. She hits the goon. The goons run away. Titli asks are you fine, why didn’t you beat them. Garv says I promised you, I won’t hit anyone. Titli says its not wrong to hit someone in self defense, you got hurt. He gives her the gajra. He fixes it to her hair. The goon comes back to hit Titli. Chiku comes and saves her. He hits the goon and laughs. He says this uncle was beating you, I have hit him. Garv says this guy was trying to run from hospital that day. He asks what are you doing here. They see Manikant coming. Garv says he is here… Chiku runs away. Manikant comes to them and asks what’s all this, Garv. Titli says I will tell you, we should go now, Garv needs first aid. Manikant thinks where is Chiku. Everyone is happy at home. Koel sees Megha and taunts. Megha says I wish I got more time to spend with you all. Titli and Manikant bring Garv home. Maina asks how did you get hurt. Megha asks what happened, did you hit someone. Titli says no, he got attacked, he didn’t beat anyone, but tolerated everything. Megha thinks how can Garv control his anger.

Koel says Hiren, get the first aid box fast. Koel does the aid. She asks how did Titli get hurt. Maina blames Titli. She asks where did you go Garv. Megha says he went to get Gajra for Titli. Titli asks how do you know, where he went and why. Dhara brings Dhrishti to the room. Chintu comes and proposes Dhrishti for marriage. Megha sees the Gajra hanging out of Garv’s pocket and says I have seen it and guessed it, its that simple. Maina scolds Titli.

Garv says relax mom, I m fine, Titli didn’t know about it, don’t scold her. Maina says this happened because of her promise. Manikant comes and asks what promise. Maina says promise to not hit anyone. He taunts Garv. Dhrishti starts laughing. Chintu asks why are you laughing. She says how did you think I will marry you, what did you get to promise me, this ring, my keychain is more costly than this. Dhara scolds her. She says he made arrangements with love, don’t you care for his feelings. Dhrishti says no, you marry him, you both are losers. She leaves. Chintu cries.

Garv goes and gets the Ganpati. He says we shall go for immersion. Everyone goes. Titli says Garv is changing, he didn’t raise hand on the goons because of his promise, he is very strong, you should also leave now. Garv and everyone dance. He asks Koel to come and dance. Maina says just answer me, I will catch your lie, whatever happened, are you behind this. Megha says how can you think so, it’s a result of Titli’s word, she is responsible for this, she knows she can’t make Garv dance on her tune until I m here, so she asked me to leave the house. Maina says Titli will leave the house. Titli prays to Bappa. Chiku feels hungry. He asks someone to give him food. The man asks him to go.
Titli says Megha, my family isn’t perfect, we don’t need anyone to solve our problems, you can go. Megha says I won’t go, I will stay here.

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