Radha Mohan 27th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Damini offers Mohan a job

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Damini enters the room holding the medicine bottle asking him if this is what he is searching for which is the medicine of his mother, Mohan says he was right to suspect that Damini with the help of Mandra Kayshup withdrew all of the medicines from the market, Damini says she knows he is not by her side but she has a very close eye on him, which is due to her love for him and she cannot let him leave with this medicine, Mohan asks if she will stop him when Damini agrees but he says he would leave after taking the medicine from her hands and she would not be able to do anything, he tries to reach for it when she throws it to Mohit, Mohan gets furious and turns to Mohit who then passes it to Bhushan, however when he is about to throw it back to Damini, Mohan manages to catch it seeing which Damini is stunned, Mohan angrily leaves mentioning she is not as smart as she acts like, he tries to leave but Damini stops him in the hall explaining he is right to say that he is very smart but only in catching as her mind is more smart then him, she informs she was just playing with him as the bottle in his hand is empty while she picks the bottle revealing the real medicine is in her hand, Mohan tries to reach for them but she warns him to not even try otherwise she will ruin the entire bottle after putting them in the glass of wine, she asks if he forgot that this is the last bottle as they are not available in the market and his mothers life is at risk, Mohan remembers what the doctor said regarding the medicine, Mohan says she has a war with him so why is she against his mother, Damini mentions she is at war with all those people who are standing by the side of Radha, Damini explains there is still one way with which he can take the medicine, he asks the reason when Damini explains he has to kneel in front of her and plead for it, Bhushan tells Mohan they are going to show him his position today so he should surely kneel in front of Damini.

The doctor questions what are they doing since if they do not give her the medicine right now then would have to admit her to the hospital and there is no guarantee that she will be saved by it, they all get worried asking what is he saying and Tulsi also wonders where is Mohan.

Damini asks Mohan to hurry up as she does not have a lot of time, Mohan says he can even give his own life to save the life of his mother when it is a very small thing, Bhushan with a smile on his face asks Mohan to start with it, Mohan slowly kneels in front of Damini and gathering all of his strength, he finally rubs his nose against the floor in front of Damini,

The entire family is sitting beside Kadambari praying for her health, Radha prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee that there is no knowledge regarding the whereabouts of Mohan jee so he should send him back quickly, the door suddenly opens and Mohan is standing there with the bottle in his hands, he explains there is no need for it and he hands the medicine of Kadambari, Ajeet instructs Dulari to quickly bring the water for which she rushes, ketki gives Kadambari the medicine who eats it but is still not able to open her eyes, Radha is also crying so Mohan goes to her side consoling her, the doctor explains they have given the medicine and now the blood would stop flowing so they can call him if there is anything else, he finally leaves when Radha not being able to control her emotions hugs Mohan, she says he did what he promised, explaining Ba kai Bihari jee sued to steal butter while he today stole the medicine in order to save the life of Maa jee, she asks Mohan jee to not be worried as Damini stole everything from them while he was just the peacock, she hugs him when he wonders how can he tell he that he has paid a very big price for it. Moha remembers when Damini stopped him from doing it as he still has a place in her heart, Damini then covered the bottle cover and hugged him tightly, she then started rubbing her hands against his back, seeing which Kaveri got stunned but Damini managed to quench her thirst, after which she handed Mohan the bottle explaining he should get the treatment done of his mother but when he turned back she once again hugged him from behind, he was not able to say anything and she even kissed him from the back, seeing which Mohan felt irritated questioning what is he doing, Damini replies she is just showing ownership over what belongs to her, Damini says she knows he is a very honest person who would never take anything for free, so said that he has taken the medicine but would he not pay the price, Mohan agreed to give any payment for the medicines, Damini then said that it is time to give whatever she has given him and so said that she has till today worked as an assistant for him and now he would have to do the same for her, Mohan thinks he should accept the condition as this is the only way to get back what he owns, Damini then took the money from Bhushan mentioning it is the advance of his salary, she asked him to not refuse it as he would have understood the meaning of money in these two days, Mohan after taking the money says he wants to ask one thing, and questioned if she was involved in the fan and accident of his mother, Damini categorically refused being involved in anything explaining that all that is happening with him is because of his bad conditions, and she mentioned she always has an eye on him and it will remain forever, Mohan says he does not believe in her words for even a moment, he vowed to take revenge for all the wrong doings done to his family, he thought he also has a plan and will now attack her when the time is right.

Mohan and Radha both get aside from each other when Mohan runs to sit beside his mother calling her, but she is still unconscious and hurt, the entire family is really tensed but is furious.

Radha turns back when she sees her father sitting in front of the mandir and crying, she asks why is he crying as Maa je is fine, Ramaveshwar says he knows she is fine but their house got in such a big problem and he even lost his job, Radha gets shocked asking how did it happen when Ramaveshwar says that it was about to happen as along with the house of Mohan jee the Mandir also went to Damini and she ousted him from the Mandir, Ramaveshwar explains that when he went to the Mandir today they refused to let him enter and then he saw Damini coming there in her car, she asked him to go back as this Mandir belongs to her, Ramaveshwar said this Mandir always belongs to Kadambari jee and Vishwaniyat so she can never take it, but Damini relies that she also owns this Mandir so he should go back to his house and tell his daughter and son in law that he is also jobless, so they all can enjoy their time together, Ramaveshwar is worried as he lost his job.

Kaveri asks if Damini has lost her mind since she ousted Ramaveshwar from the Mandir but what is the reason to hire Mohan and give him the money, Damini asks her to realize that Mohan is the biggest publisher of this country who would be hired by anyone in the entire country, and so she explains before he is hired by anyone she has to ruin his reputation, Damini says from tomorrow he would do something which he has never thought about as she will snatch his talent and respect from him after which he would not be able to do anything, Damini explains both Radha Mohan are making love story of them being poor but she vows to play such a game that their romance will end, explaining it is easy to do it when they are wealthy, Damini mentions it is the start towards the end of the love story of Radha and Mohan, Kaveri starts smiling hearing it.

Precap: Radha asks Mohan where are you going right now. Mohan says I’m going to office. Radha says today is your first day at office so I’ll get some curd and sweet for you. Mohan walks away. Radha says to herself he is acting wierd since last night. Mohan asks Damini about the work. Damini says you have be servant if this house and do everything.

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