Rabb Se Hai Dua 28th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kaynaat runs away from the house for Hafeez

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Scene 1
Kaynaat is leaving her room but hears Gazal coming there so she hides. Gulnaz comes there and sees the bed all messed up. She starts cleaning it. Kaynaat takes her luggage from behind her and runs away from there. Gulnaz hears rustling and looks around. Kaynaat hides from her. Gazal sees Kaynaat hiding with her luggage and is confused. Kaynaat runs from there. Gazal says where is Kaynaat going? is she running away with Hafeez? I should tells this to Hina.. but why? I want Hina to be hurt so I should let her run away. I can do one thing. She recalls Dua telling Kaynaat and Hafeez to always be on the same side. She smirks and says this is going to destroy Dua’s marriage fully.

Kaynaat is leaving the house but hears Hina coming there so she hides. Gazal sees that and thinks Hina shouldn’t catch her. She calls out to Hina and says I want to talk to you. Hina says I have to go to the market. Gazal says I am getting dizzy so Hina rushes to her and takes her to her room. Kaynaat takes her bag and runs away from there. Gazal smirks and thinks Kaynaat is going to run away with their honor so Dua will never get Haider back.

Dua is locked in the house and tries to break it. She takes a sofa but someone opens the door. She is shocked to see Ruhaan there. Ruhaan sadly looks at her and recalls his moments with her then how he attacked her. Dua says you here? Ruhaan says yes.. you called me a brother but I couldn’t even be a good brother in law. Can you please forgive me? He sees her bleeding and covers her wound, he panics and asks what happened? did someone try to hurt you? I saw you locked in the house.. I am responsible for your condition. I wish I could have understood you before. He hugs her and cries.. he says I don’t even deserve hell for what I did with you. Dua hugs him and says we will talk about it later but we have to go home now, there is an urgency. They both run from there.

Hafeez calls Kaynaat and says you should leave your phone at home as they can track you. She says okay and ends the call. Kaynaat cries and says I have to do this for my love. She throws away her phone and leaves the house.

Hafeez calls Hamida and says Kaynat left the house so our plan is working. I am going to pick her soon.

Scene 2
Hina comes to Ruhaan’s room and can’t find him there. Hamida calls Hina. Hina says how dare you call me? are you going to apologize for your daughter? Hamida says my daughter is pious, unlike your daughter who has no honor and ran away from the house as she has no character. Hina shouts that I trust my daughter, she would never do that. Hamida laughs and says you are wrong as your daughter already left the house. You should pray that I shouldn’t be as cruel as you were with my daughter. I can do the same with your daughter. What you did with my Dua, I will do worse with your daughter, you shouldn’t have messed with my daughter. She ends the call. Hina panics and runs to Kaynaat’s room. She can’t find her there. Rahat comes there and asks what happened? all family members come there. Hina cries and says Kaynaat ran away from the house with that goon Hafeez, she destroyed our honor. Haider comes there and hears all that. Haider says Kaynaat can never do that. Hina says she was my pride but I am telling the truth. Hamida called me, she plotted all this. She was threatening to hurt Kaynaat. Our honor is gone, Hafeez kidnapped Kaynaat. Haider panics and calls Kaynaat but its not working. Hina cries for her. Haider says how can Kaynaat take that step? Gazal says Dua must have forced her to do this. Dua trapped her to do this. Dadi asks her to shut up. Gazal says you can’t stop me from talking today. She shows Kaynaat’s phone and says she left this here and the last call was to Dua. All are shocked seeing that. Gazal says it means Dua plotted all this. Hina says Dua should be jailed for this. The flashback shows how Gazal took Kaynaat’s phone and deleted her calls to hafeez. The flashback ends. Gazal says Dua forced Kaynaat to run away with Hafeez so she can destroy our honor. Hina says I curse Dua to death. How can Kaynaat do this with us? I announce that Kaynaat is dead to me. Haider asks her to stop it, do you even know what you are saying for Dua and Kaynaat? Hina says we should be crying. Haider says you are responsible for this, no girl wants to run away from the house but she was forced by her family, you forced my sister because you kept pressurizing her to end things with Hafeez. Hina says you are blaming me for trying to protect her? I was saving her from Hafeez. Haider says why? Gazal says you are blaming her when her daughter ran away from the house. Dua is responsible for all this, she provoked Kaynaat so much that she didn’t even think about our honor. Rahat asks them to stop blaming each other. Gazal says I am not wrong. Rahat says enough.. he asks Haider to go and look for Kaynaat, we have to stop them. Gulnaz smirks and says Kaynaat ran away from the house and didn’t even think about the family? my kids’ images will be tarnished because of Hina’s daughter. If Haider had divorced Dua before then this wouldn’t have happened, Kaynaat wouldn’t have taken this step. If my daughter had done this then I would have killed myself. Rahat asks her to stop it. We have to look for Kaynaat first. Gazal says Haider should calls Hafeez as she must be with him. Haider calls Hafeez but he cuts the call. Gazal smirks and thinks now Haider and Dua’s relationship will end for sure.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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