Rabb Se Hai Dua 27th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Dua gets to know about Hamida’s plan

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Scene 1
Dua is crying alone and recalls her moments with Haider.. mein phir bhi tumko chahungi plays. She says Haider is my honor so please don’t break it, please don’t break our love otherwise I will die. She gets Kaynaat’s call and she is crying. She says Hafeez is marrying someone else. Dua says what? Kaynaat says you know everything, I will kill myself. Dua recalls Hamida talking about a plan, she thinks they might be using Kaynaat to hurt Haider. Kaynaat asks Dua if this is true? I will kill myself, I am ready to do anything for him. I am ready to run away from the house for him. Dua says don’t listen to anyone. Hamida comes there and takes the phone from Dua.

The priest is leaving Haider’s house. Dadi and Ruhaan come there. Dadi asks him to stay back but he says I can’t go in the house where a fool like Hina lives, he tells everything and says Haider’s second wife is evil, she is going to destroy this family, please save Haider from her, throw her out of the house before she destroys Haider, he leaves. Dadi cries and tells Ruhaan that Dua was right, she is going to destroy everything. Ruhaan consoles her but Dadi pushes him away and says you are culprit too, you tried to kill a pious person like Dua.

Hamida tells Dua that I am going to take revenge from Haider’s family, they have to pay for what they did with you, we are going to use Kaynaat. Dua says you are going to do the same with Kaynaat that they did with me? you are not different from them. Hamida says I won’t stoop that low but I am going to make them pay, they have to know how much it hurts when their daughter is in pain. Dua says this is wrong, I am not going to let you destroy Kaynaat’s life. Hamida takes her phone and locks her in the room. Hamida says we can’t be silent against their cruelty. Dua says Kaynaat is innocent, if you do this then Hafeez and Kaynaat’s lives will be destroyed. Hamida says you are too good but I am not, I am going to take revenge for you.

Kaynaat is crying for Hafeez and says he can’t do this with me. Hafeez calls her and asks if she is ready to run away with him? if she can’t then he is going to marry someone else. Kaynaat says please don’t say that, I am ready to run away with you. He says I will pick you soon. He ends the call.

Dua is trying to convince Hamida but she says they have to pay, Kaynaat will run away with Hafeez soon. Dua says Kaynaat is smart, she will never hurt her family. Hafeez calls Hamida and she puts it on speaker, he says Kaynaat is ready to run away with me, I am going to pick her now. Dua tries to stop him but Hamida ends the call. Dua says please stop Hafeez. Hamida says if we remain silent then we are part of the cruelty, Haider and his family has to pay for what they did with you. She locks her up and starts leaving. Dua cries and says please don’t do this.. Kaynaat is like your daughter too. Hamida recalls Hina and her family hurting Dua. She locks her up and says I promise on Dua’s tears that I will make Hina for hurting my daughter.

Dua is locked in the room and says I have to save Kaynaat. She breaks the glass door and hurts herself but she keeps trying to come out. She sees the door locked from outside and says how will I open it? She recalls a flashback in which she lost a key so Haider showed her that they can unlock a lock using a bobby pin. She says Haider is helping today too. She unlocks it using her bobby pin. She comes out of her room and says I have to save Kaynaat. Dua is running out of the house and says I have to stop Hafeez.

Hina is going to Kaynaat’s room but she is packing her bags. She hears someone coming there and panics. Hina enters her room and sees her studying. She says thank God she is normal now, she leaves from there. Kaynaat locks her door and calls Hafeez. She says I am ready to run away with you, he says our love won, I knew you wouldn’t say no to me. He ends the call. He calls Hamida and says Kaynaat is ready to run away with me. Hamida says great, I will teach a lesson to Haider’s family now. Hafeez says what if Dua stops Kaynaat? Hamida says don’t worry about her, I have locked her in the house. He says but that’s wrong. She says Dua got to know about our plan so I had to lock her up. Hafeez says I don’t think this is right, Hamida says just do as I say. Dua is selfless so we have to take a stand for her.

Dua tries to open the house door but its locked too. She finds a phone and calls Haider but its not working. She sees the line cut and says Hamida is doing wrong. She says I won’t let Hamida play this game to take revenge on my behalf.
The episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba


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