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Imlie 28th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Agastya’s Behavior Spooks Imlie

Imlie 28th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Inspector informs Pallo that he is calling from Kishanganj police station and has arrested her girl in a hotel raid with a rich man. Pallo asks if he arrested even a rich man. Inspector says rich man didn’t do anything and hence is not arrested, she shall visit police station and bail out her girl. Pallo says that girl is not her relative and she will not waste her money to bail her out. Rajni walks to Agastya and asks if he is happy. Agastya says he is and asks why is she asking. Rajni says he is responsible since childhood and she knows he will follow his responsibility towards his marriage even if he is marrying on Daadi’s insistence, he should rethink well before going ahead with engagement. Agastya says his decision went wrong, he will follow accept Daadi’s decision now. He stands under shower and thinks Imlie was supporting poor as she is also poor, thieves are better than her as she stole someone’s identity, she is a blo*dy con artist.

Inspector tells Imlie that her family refused to bail her out, who will support her if she does wrong things. Bar manager Shankar walks in and bails out Imlie. Imlie returns home. Ashu asks why is she late today. Imlie pours water on herself recalling lockup incident. Pallo stops her and yells at her to stop wasting water as she can’t wash her sins even with ganga jal. Imlie splashes water towards her and asks if she can see her. Pallo says she is a cheap bar singer and should stay in her limits. Imlie sits crying.

Sonali’s mother tells Sonali that years ago, Agastya’s mother snatched her happiness and now Agastya is snatching business from Sonali, she shouldn’t let Agastya marry and let Daadi transfer business in his name. Sonali says Agastya will marry and even give his business to her. She recalls helping Noyonika abort her baby and seeking favor in exchange of her favor some day and suggests her to marry someone and move on. Noyonika asks who will marry her. Sonali says Noyonika should marry her stepbrother Agastya and asks her to send her alliance via her father soon. Noyonika thanks her. Out of flashback, mother says she is taking a good revenge on Agastya. Sonali says she is snatching back her right as papa did injustice mother years ago and now Daadi is doing injustice to her by giving business to Agastya just because he is a boy, she will make sure she gets her hard-earned business.

Agastya informs Jugz how poor Imlie fooled him lying herself as rich Noyonika Johri. Jugz says that is a big fraud. Agastya says he will make Imlie’s life a hell now. Imlie reaches shop and hopes she is not punished even today like yesterday, she will reveal her true identity to boss and apologize him. Agastya smiles at her and asks what happened to her fashion sense today, is her maid on leave today that she is wearing a torn dress and broken footwear. He forcefully tries to fix an expensive sandal in her foot and says it’s refusing to fit in her foot, so he will buy her a cheap sandal from a local market. Imlie says whether cheap or costly sandals, they have to face a dust. She tries to reveal her truth. Agastya stops her and says tonight there is a big catering order, she needs to prepare food tonight. Imlie says she will work hard and impress customer tonight. Agastya says let us see. Imlie thinks she will impress boss and seek bonus from him.

Precap: Agastya tells Imlie that her truth is out that she is a bar singer, he will make her life a hell. Imlie says she is not afraid of any test, he can do whatever he wants to.

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