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Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Nitya Gets Kashvi Suspended

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kashvi drops Dadi to the temple and asks her to give the bag, and says I will take you inside. Dadi says I will go myself, and there is no heavy stuff in the bag. She says you will be late and asks her to go. Kashvi goes. Dadi says she is helpless to hide this from her. She comes to the jeweller and tells that she wants to sell her jewellery. He says this is Nayan and her jewellery which you got it made. Dadi says she was in need of money. She thinks it is good that the money will be arranged to be given to Mohit’s mother. She thinks she had kept it for Kashvi, but she is doing this for her only, and wants Mahima to be out of Arjun-Kashvi’s lives. The jeweller gives her money. Dadi thanks him and leaves.

The Inspector asks Kashvi to be careful while transferring the terrorist to the other jail as he is dangerous. He asks her to handle it well. Kashvi thanks him and says I will handle. Constable brings Mirchi Langra there. Kashvi says lets go. She goes with them. Constables sit with Mirchi langra and asks Kashvi to come in her car. Kashvi says I have been asked to keep an eye on him. The constable says he is handcuffed and we will not open it. Kashvi takes walkie talkie and goes to sit in her car.

Mahima scolds Mohit for her dance steps. Mohit says there is still time for sangeet. Dadi comes there. Mohit thanks Dadi and hugs her, asking what magic she has done on his mother that she got ready to get him married to Mahima happily, without fulfilling her conditions. Romila asks when did you meet her? Mahima also asks her. Dadi says she didn’t tell them as it is not a big matter. She met her and made her understand, and she is so good to understand her point. Mahima nods her head. Keval says this is a big news. Romila says you should have told us. Dadi says she went with Kashvi in a hurry and that’s why forgot to tell them. She asks them to continue their dance practice.

Kashvi is in her car and following the jeep. She asks the constable on walkie talkie, if everything is fine. The constable says yes. Kashvi asks the driver when they will reach the jail. He says in 1 hour. Kashvi thinks I will reach sangeet on time. Mirchi Langra feigns to have chest pain and falls down. He then starts frothing from his mouth. Constable calls Kashvi and tells her that Mirchi langra is not fine. Kashvi asks him to open his handcuff, and stop the van. She says may be he needs to be taken to the hospital. She asks driver to stop the car and comes to the van. Mirchi Langra gets down the van and aims gun at Kashvi. He asks Kashvi to help him to escape from here, and asks her to give car keys. Kashvi refuses and asks him to kill her. Constable says don’t kill her. Driver gives him car keys.

Mirchi Langra takes Kashvi to her car, while Kashvi asks him to surrender and says you will be charged more for aiming gun at Govt Servant. He says his name is Langra, but he is not langra and runs faster. He sits in the car and goes. Kashvi asks Constables to go and get him. She thinks she has done a big mistake and Maa was right that I shall think from mind and not by heart. The Police constables go to search him and comes back. He says we can’t find him, as he has escaped. Kashvi tells that she has to inform Commissioner. Commissioner asks Kashvi how she can be so careless. Kashvi says she couldn’t understand that he is acting as he was frothing. Commissioner says you asked to open his handcuff and also stopped the van.

Arjun tells that he can’t believe that Kashvi can do this. Nitya says she has confirmed with her sources, and acts as if she is concerned for Kashvi. She requests lady constable to let her go inside and help Kashvi. Lady constable lets her go inside. Nitya goes inside and tells Commissioner that Kashvi is new in this job and doesn’t have experience like me, she is a kid and don’t have any mind. She tells Kashvi that she told her to think from her mind and not from her heart. She tells Commissioner that the big terrorist has escaped from our clutches and tells Commissioner that he shall take action against kashvi first, and says I know she has done a big mistake and you can suspend her, as it is a protocol.

Commissioner says yes, and suspends Kashvi for her mistake. He says I hope all this incident is not a plan or conspiracy to make the terrorist fled. Kashvi asks what do you want to say? Commissioner says I hope Mirchi Langra and you don’t have any connection, and says if I come to know this, then I will put you in jail. Kashvi says I have no connection with him, I was on leave and didn’t know that I will be called for this assignment. She asks Nitya to say. Commissioner says enough and asks Inspector to find Mirchi Langra anyhow. He says he don’t want Media to get spicy news and don’t want people to panic and spread the news. Nitya looks on. Kashvi says sorry to Commissioner and comes out. Nitya tells Arjun and Jagdish that Commissioner has suspend Kashvi, and says it is protocol and he feels that Kashvi is involved with Mirchi Langra. Arjun says you should have stop her suspension. Nitya says it is right that she has done mistake and needs to be suspended, and says even I was suspended for my mistake.

Precap: Kashvi tells Arjun that Mirchi Langra had fled because of her. Later the committee members are about to take action against Nitya, when Kashvi comes there and says Nitya is innocent and she has proofs to prove this.

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