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Shiv Shakti (Colors) 27th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Parvati defeats Nikumb Asur

Shiv Shakti (Colors) 27th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the Asur coming in his own avatar. Parvati says Mahadev is not interested in ornaments and says Mahadev will never give darshan to the ones who talk about ornaments in love, and says he will not talk to his life partner about illusion. She says what do you think that you will cheat me taking his name, and says I know Shiv more than himself, my soul is of Shiv, nobody can cheat me. Narad tells that Parvati has passed in this test too. Mahadev smiles. Narad says he can’t wait for their union. The Asur says you have won from my cheat, but how you will get saved from my power, I will use my strength and will take you to Pataal Lok. Mahadev looks on. Asur is about to hold her, but she holds his hand and twists it. She asks how dare you to touch a woman without her consent. Asur says how can my power be weak infront of a woman. Parvati says you have done a sin today, a woman is a fire, if you call her with honor for yagya then she will give you boon and if you disrespect her then she will burn you. She makes him fall down. She kicks him and he rolls and falls down again. She then keeps her foot on him, and then drags him.

She says you will be punished for thinking woman vulnerable. Taraka sur asks how can Nikumb get defeated from an ordinary woman. Deeti says she is Adi Shakti. Shukracharya says I told him that he can win by cheat only. Deeti says he thought her weak seeing her beauty. Narad says Parvati has proved that the woman is not weak and is the epitome of Shakti, be it Parvati or any girl. He says every girl has that power to twist the attacker’s arm. He asks Mahadev if he said yes. Mahadev smiles and says yes. Parvati keeps her leg on Asur’s neck and is about to throw him down from the cliff, but Asur swears that he will never disrespect woman, and gives her Mahadev’s swear. He vanishes. He then appears somewhere and says he will take her to pataal lok, she has hurt his ego. Parvati comes to get the water, and thinks she shall get one more pot of water, if she gets someone thirsty on the way then she will make him drink, and then will do jal abhishek of Mahadev. She asks the lady to give her pot. The lady says nothing comes free. Parvati gives her jewellery and gets a pot. She ties the pots with the floral branches and gets water. Mahadev looks at her. Lakshmi says Parvati is looking beautiful without ornaments. Narayan says this will be called as kawad yatra. She brings water and pours on the Shivling, for the jal abhishek. The water falls on Mahadev. She then showers flower petals on it, and keeps the leaf as per the puja. Parvati says if I have to do Tap to get you, then I will do tap, and will get you.

Shiv’s message: Shiv says we make many relations in our birth, and every relation is based for some aim, but there is one relation which is selfless that is of devotee and God.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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