Radha Mohan 26th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kadambari gets injured while trying to fill the water

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Mohan says he should go and ask Shekar for any legal way through which they can take back their business and properties, Gungun also wishes best of luck to her father mentioning they will surely take back their house, kadambari also agrees with her explaining Damini would be out of their house very soon, Damini seeing the video thinks they have smiled for a lot of time but now it is time for them to see what happens to the Kadambari Devi.

Dadi is taking the vases when Kadambari stops her asking where is she going, Dadi says she is going to fill water when kadambari offers to help but Dadi says she is not habitual of doing these things, Kadambari says she must only call her as Kadambari since she is also her daughter and if she does anything then would feel as if she has actually helped her family.

Kadambari takes the vases to the tap when she is standing in line, the women starts recording her, kaveri sees Kadambari standing in the line so immediately calls Bhushan and Mohit, she asks them to see how the head of the Trivedi family is standing in line and she has been really glad to see the sight, Bhushan exclaims that it is all good since he can still hear the sound of the slap that she hit him, Damini explains that they should just hit their mark today after which the respect of the Trivedi’s would be ruined and they are going to take revenge of it all which would be with their blood. Damini gets a call from the lady who explains they did not have to go to the house as the target has already come to them when Damini instructs them to attack as there would not be anyone there to help her, Kaveri asks Damini to turn on the video as they should see if she got the water.

Kadambari walks ahead and she after cleaning the pot starts filling them with water while the lady is still secretly making a video of her, kadambari is standing in front of the line filling the water when the lady walks past the entire line and she hits the bucket of Kadambari throwing it away seeing which kadambari is shocked, the lady starts walking towards Kadambari mentioning she will be the one to fill the water first, Kadambari explains that she has been standing in the line for so long, another women comes questioning who is kadambari as she has been seen here for the first time, a neighbor explains she is the mother in law of Radha who is the daughter of pandit jee, the lady angrily questions why does she have so much problem as they have seen her here for the first time, another lady questions who is she as they have never seen her, the lady says that they have shifted here and come to stay in the house behind the Mandir, the lady starts pushing kadambari back, she bears it for some time but after that gets furious so slaps the lady., kadambari explains there is a time during which she would bear it and she warns them to not even think about raising their hand on her, the lady warns that she would not let Kadambari get away so easily, she picks the bucket with which she hits Kadambari on the head, the neighbors immediate rush to help Kadambari while the blood starts flowing from her head, both the ladies run away after hitting kadambari while the neighbors are also just focused on helping Kadambari.

Radha is teaching Yoga to the students when the neighbors come running to Radha informing that her mother in law has got hurt, she informs that Kadambari was filling water when they got in a fight and during that the women hit her on the head with a bucket.

Damini informs that the blood has spilled, she is glad as this is what should happen with them. Kaveri says she could have at least made a video when the lady apologizes but assures that a lot of blood has spilled. Damini praises Mayuri mentioning it is now time for the next step.

Kadmabari is lying on the bed while the doctor gives her an injection, the entire family is worried when Mohan vows to not leave the person who hit his mother, Radha says that they must first worry about Maa jee. The doctor asks if Kadmabari is diabetic, he explains this is why the blood is not stopping and informs they need to give her the medicine for thinning the blood. Mohan asks Radha where is the medicine, she says it is still in the house as Damini did not let them take anything. Kadmabari informs Mohan the medicine is very expensive so where are they going to get the money, Mohan replies that he is still alive so she must not worry about the money, Rahul blames Mohan and Radha for being the reason behind it and warns he would not leave them if anything happens to his mother, Mohan promises Rahul that nothing would happen to their mother but he angrily pushes the hand of Mohan away, Kadambari warns Rahul to not behave like this, Mohan immediately leaves the house. Ajeet requests Rahul to be worried since nothing would happen to their mother in law.

Tulsi prays that Mohan should come back quickly with the medicine and nothing would happen to their Maa.

Damini calls Mandra asking if she would like to take her revenge from Radha as she is her biggest enemy, Mandra mentions she would do anything for her revenge, Damini informs her of the plan when Mandra assures it would surely happen, Damini starts smiling.

Mohan goes to all of the pharmacies asking for the medicine but it is not available, he wonders how is it possible that he cannot get the medicine anywhere.

Damini mentions that this is the benefit of making friends with people who are in the medicine business, she explains how she called Mandra asking her to first call back all the medicines that are used for thinking blood first from Barsana.

Mohan gets a call from Radha asking where is he since the blood is not stopping from flowing, Mohan replies that the medicine is either not available in the market or it is not delivered, Radha says that it can only happen because of Damini as she would have planned it, Mohan asks how can she do it, Radha relies if she is accompanied by Mandra then anything is possible. Radha says there is only one way left which is to bring the medicine from their house, Mohan asks if she thinks Damini would give her the medicine easily so she should not go but rather he will go as he knows how to enter his house.

Damini thinks that Mohan would not have any option other then to come into the house and she knows he will not send Radha alone because of Bhushan uncle, he starts smiling looking at Kaveri. She is therefor going to wait for his arrival.

Mohan secretly enters the house using the window when he quickly runs to the room thinking he must leave with the medicine, he starts checking the drawers but is not able to find it. The lights turn on when Mohan is shocked as Damini along with everyone else enter the room asking if Mohan was looking for this medicine, he thinks Radha was right to suspect that Damini with the help of Mandra recalled all the medicines from the market, Damini is smiling holding the medicines in her hand while Mohan is worried.

Precap: Damini stops Mohan and says the bottle you are carrying is empty, the one I’m holding is full, you can take the medicine but first you have sit on your knees and rub your nose. Mohan says I’ll do anything to save my mother and he sits on his knees.

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