Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 26th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Queen hires Kabir to kidnap Kesar

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 26th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kabir and his friends are watching the TV and see the sword fight between Queen (transgender and Kesar’s Mama) and some guy. They forget that they have been kidnapped. Kabir asks the goon to bring popcorn for them. Queen kills the guy, who was fighting with him. She is live on the screen and calls Kabir shocking him and his friends. The friend says this means she has really killed the guy. Queen tells Kabir that he has broken Sonam’s marriage and took 50000 in return, and kept his promise too. She/He tells Kabir that he will get 50 lakhs for his work. The friends tell that they will not do any wrong work. Queen says throw them out. His goon throws Kabir’s friends and stops Kabir. Kabir says Madam ji. Queen says she is Queen. Kabir sees the goon’s face and recalls saving Kesar from him. Queen asks him to bring Kesar there before her 21st birthday and offers 50 lakhs in return. Kabir agrees due to the situation, as his life is in danger. He comes out. His friends ask Kabir if he refused? Kabir says no, as if he had refused, then she would have hired someone else, and he can’t put Kesar’s life in danger. He says I have to tell her.

He comes to meet Kesar. The flower falls on him. She asks what you are doing here? Kabir says what is happening today, Gauri vrat puja and then Bhajan Sandhya, so his band is here. His friends wave their hands at Kesar. Kabir tells her that he wants to talk to her, but she refuses after whatever he has done in Sonam’s marriage. He thinks how to tell her that her life is in danger.

Ambika comes there. Kesar says she has done all the arrangements and shows all puja stuff. Hetal comes there. Kesar says Hetal Kaki. Hetal says it seems you have given her good values, and says it seems you will make her good bahu. Baa comes and says you haven’t changed. Hetal says even you are same, your taunts are same. Jayati says you are coming with guests. Baa says she comes for the festival, celebrates and goes. Ambika asks where is Jinesh bhai and their son. Hetal says they must be coming. Baa sees the arrangements and says it is good. She tells Hetal that she couldn’t keep her first fast, but Kesar has kept nirjala fast and has done all the arrangements. Baa coughs. Jinal tells Jayati that baa is also liking Kesar. Jayati tells Hetal if she had not done the partition then Ambika wouldn’t have brought kesar home.

Hetal gets angry and breaks the rice kept for the puja and then accuses Kesar for the abshagun, and tells Ambika that Kesar has kept broken rice for the puja. Kesar nods no. Jinal scolds her. Jayati says we have done this fast for our husbands and says how she can be so careless. She says if hetal bhabhi wouldn’t have seen this broken rice. Kesar sees broken rice on Hetal’s saree. Ambika also sees it and understands. Kesar apologizes to Hetal, Jinal and Jayati and says I did a mistake. Ambika is surprised as Kesar didn’t say anything. Jayati says it is good that Hetal bhabhi has seen it, else our fast would have ruined. Ambika asks Kesar to bring ittar bottle. Kesar goes. Kabir says this is the good chance to talk to Kesar. Ambika tells Hetal that she has saved the puja from getting destroyed and asks her to rectify whatever Kesar has ruined. Hetal happily sits to keep the rice.

Kabir comes to Kesar’s room. Kesar asks what you are doing here? Kabir says you are wrongly accused and asks her to go and tell everyone. Kesar says I know that Hetal kaki has broken the rice herself. He asks why did you stay silent. Kesar says they are my family. Ambika asks Hetal about the rice. Hetal says it is fine, and says Kesar must have broken it, as you gets basmati rice in your kitchen. Ambika asks how did you get broken rice on your saree. Baa asks if you want fight to happen in the house again, like you did 20 years back.

Kabir tries to talk to Kesar. Kesar refuses to talk to him. Baa comes there and calls Kabir. Kabir greets her. Baa asks what you are doing in Kesar’s room. He says actually Kesar and me….Baa faints. Kabir holds her. He asks Kesar if she is dead. Kesar says she has fainted due to fast and goes to get something. He asks her to bring salt. Baa holds his neck and says you want to break my fast. He says you have broken fast. Kesar brings coffee for Baa and makes her drink it. Kabir asks Baa, if she is fine. Baa asks Kabir, how dare you to come here, Kesar has problems in her life already. Kabir says you are saying as if I came for the first time, and reminds her that he has come here before also. Baa tells him that he shouldn’t have come inside Kesar’s room.

She says you are not a small kid now, you have become a camel now, means grown up guy. She feels dizzy again. Kabir says I will take you downstairs and says nobody will think wrong. Kabir brings her downstairs and says Baa had fainted. Kesar tells that Baa’s BP had low so she made her drink coffee. Jinal says you should have given her salt water. Hetal asks how she can play with Baa’s health and tells that she loves and respects Baa so much, though Baa taunts her, and baa’s health is very important to her. Kabir asks why you are blaming Kesar, Baa is fine. Baa says she is fine. Hetal asks who are you? He says he is Shakuntala’s son Kabir. Hetal asks who are you to interfere in our family matters and what you were doing in Kesar’s room.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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