Kundali Bhagya 27th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Preeta threatens Nidhi outside the police station

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Palki tells Shauyra that if anyone asks him how is their house after today he should at least say that their house is good, Daljeet questions what is Palki talking about as she has seen his parking and it is thrice the size of their house, Palki replies but even then their house is not bad, Daljeet says that she is the mother of her and knows whose parking is more large, she leaves asking Shaurya to feel comfortable. Palki warns Shaurya to stop behaving as if he is a nice person in front of her family as she does not like it, she warns him if he ever says she is mad in the future, Palki feeling uncomfortable tries to leave but is about to fall so Shaurya helps her from falling, Palki angrily starts looking at him in the eye while Rajveer also comes and is shocked to see them both together, Palki sees how Rajveer is looking at her still she walks past him without saying anything, Rajveer keeps staring at Shaurya who replies that she was about to fall and he helped her, Rajveer also goes inside.

The Inspector asks Preeta why did she kidnap Nidhi, Preeta replies she has never kidnapped Nidhi and she is the one who is a criminal but the Inspector says these things would not prove her innocence and she does not seem innocent because they found Shambu tied to a chair in their house so why does he feel they are plotting something, Shristhi says that they have not made any plan and Nidhi is the one plotting when Nidhi explains they all plan to steal their jewelry, Mohit also agrees with Preeta when she explains Shambu is the hired criminal of Nidhi who purposefully caused her accident, Gurpreet says that Nidhi is the real criminal when Nidhi explains that a lot of accidents happen in this city but it does not mean she is involved in anything, Shristhi keeps blaming Nidhi so they both start arguing. The Inspector replies that the truth would come out once Shambu wakes up, Nidhi explains she cannot wait till the time he wakes up, Preeta and Shristhi also demand that they need to leave, Nidhi suggests they can call her when Shambu wakes up so he agrees and Nidhi leaves, Preeta and Shristhi say that they also need to leave when Gurpreet agrees to take them, the Inspector mentions that she needs to take their responsibility when Gurpreet explains she can take their responsibility for the rest of their lives, he agrees explaining that they must come when they get a call from the Police station.

Palki takes out her clothes from the wardrobe when Rajveer enters asking fi she is ill and in any sort of trouble, Palki replies she is fine when Rajveer questions how did she fell advising that she must take care of herself at least when Shauyra is around her, Palki asks what is he saying when he replies he knows she is not so innocent and understands everything but Palki replies she is not when Rajveer asks her to remain healthy and careful, Palki asks the reason so Rajveer says she must stay away from Shaurya, he says she can at least talk with him but stay away from Shaurya, Palki asks what is he talking about as he knows her and she also does not like him, but it all happened because of this stupid dress, Rajveer says she must just stay away from Shaurya, Palki asks why is he behaving like this as he is being so over dramatic but Rajveer says he is just a bit insecure and wants her to stay away from Shaurya, he leaves so Palki wonders what was it all.

Nidhi is anxiously waiting for the driver when Preeta and Shristhi come, Nidhi gets shocked questioning how did the both come here and she vows to go back to the Inspector and tell him, Preeta says that the truth is never chained while the liars will be punished, Nidhi replies they are all making stories, Shristhi explains her hired criminal has revealed the entire truth so there is no reason to lie in front of them both as she looks like a criminal and if she is trying to prove her innocence then seems like a fool, Nidhi angrily scolds Shristhi but Preeta replies that her sister is telling the truth but she stops her whenever she is wrong however today her sister said that she wants to punch Nidhi but she stopped her all the times however this time would never do it, Preeta says she will surely find out why Nidhi wants to kill her, Nidhi says they must shut up, Shristhi vows to rub her face with the mud. Preeta explains from today she will have her eyes on Nidhi and would surely ruin her each and every evil plan, as this is the promise of Preeta.

Sandy comes out of the bathroom while Shaurya is playing the game so asks what is he doing alone, Shaurya says that he really likes staying alone and only prefers if Rajveer and Shanaya are around, Shaurya asks if Sandy knows what just happened as Palki fell right in front of him and he saved her from falling otherwise she would have hurt herself really bad, he realizes she did not even thank him. Shaurya thinks he should have let her fall and informs he had the thought but he saved her life otherwise she would have been hurt really bad. Sandy says that Shaurya should have let her fall, as he does not like her but why is he changing, Shaurya replies he knows what Sandy is saying but he does not have any interest in Palki and only Shanaya, while Sandy knows the reason very well, Sandy says Shaurya is not accepting it because of his ego but he asks Sandy to shut up.

Shanaya brings the tea for Shaurya when he asks where is Rajveer as she must call him so they would have it together, Daljeet comes asking Shaurya to taste the tea and how it is like, Shaurya says that he has never tasted a better tea, he is not able to take his eyes of Palki when she walks in front of him, he remembers when sandy said that Shaurya is interested in Palki. Shaurya still keeps looking at Palki and explains that he has remembered that he has an important work so would have to leave, Rajveer says that Shaurya should go and complete the work. Shaurya tells Rajveer to not forget tomorrow morning at nine in the morning as they will break the Handi together, Shaurya leaves while Daljeet asks him to come back and think of this house as his parking.

Rajveer anxiously sits down to have tea but after taking just a sip asks if she has made it to torture him, Daljeet replies they have made it so he goes back to his house, Rajveer apologizes as he said the truth but leaves after asking Shanaya to stay away from the kitchen, Palki keeps laughing.

Nidhi asks what do they both think about but Preeta replies that Nidhi would get punished for what she has done to them both, and she will either be punished by the law, Bhagwan or by herself, Gurpreet agrees with Preeta as they would surely get the result of what they have done in this world, Gurpreet says she has never seen a women like Nidhi, and what sort of relations would she be fulfilling as she is a selfish women who only lives for herself, Mohit explains they know that she wanted to have Preeta di killed, Shristhi explains she can bear anything but Nidhi hired Shambu to kill her sister from Shambu, Shristhi explains if her sister gets even a scratch she gets mad and if she loses her temper she will surely kill Nidhi right here, Preeta warns Nidhi to stop all of her evil plans as she has become really dangerous for Nidhi. Nidhi says she thought Gurpreet was different so she would not trap her but now even she will suffer with them both, Nidhi angrily leaves in her car when Shristhi questions why is she threatening, she asks Nidhi to come out and talk to them, Preeta says that now the police would see her, she requests them to not tell Rajveer about anything.

Shaurya angrily comes out when Sandy asks what happened, Shaurya says Sandy should not put such idea in his mind so Sandy asks what has he done, Shaurya replies he makes him feel as if he likes Palki and is interested in her, Sandy questions why is he reacting like this if he does not like Palki, Shaurya asks Sandy to get lost and pushes him away, Rajveer stops Shaurya questioning why did he push Sandy, Shaurya warns Rajveer to stay away from his personal matters and not become his brother as he is just an employee in the company of his father. Palki brings the phone of Shaurya, she says he would need it, Shaurya takes it mentioning he would need it and he is not able to take his eyes of Palki seeing which Rajveer gets really jealous, Palki feels a bit uncomfortable so asks him to leave, Rajveer also requests him so both Shaurya and Sandy get in the car and leave.

Rajveer notices Palki is looking and asks if he would have to even say it to her again and again that she needs to stay away form Shaurya, Palki just starts looking at him when he is also smiling staring at her while standing on the road, Palki gets a bit nervous when he requests her to go back inside, Palki wonders why is Rajveer like this and is he also a bit possessive about her which is why he cannot see her with Shaurya, Rajveer asks her to go inside as it is late at night, she leaves while waving at him and enters the house, Rajveer keeps looking for the car of Shaurya.

Nidhi enters the house when she is shocked to see that they all are preparing so asks what are the preparations about, the wife of Garesh asks where was she as she was searching for her with her eyes, Nidhi replies she was in the Mount Everest and was looking at her from there, Geerja stands up asking if Nidhi is actually the wife of Karan as she that day thought that someone else was his wife, Karina questions why is she talking like this, Rishab asks Geejra who did she saw, and even karan questions her when Geerrja explains that she meet someone in the house and when she asked her to go and select the office clothes for Karan sir the women went to his room and only a wife can go to the room of her husband, Geerja turns to Nidhi asking for the truth when she replies that she is the wife of Karan, Geerja says even the women felt like his wife that day, Rakhi is about to reveal the truth but Nidhi angrily says she is the wife of Karan hearing which everyone gets worried, Karan is confused.

Precap: Rajveer says to Shrishti, me and Shurya have challenged each other for matki competition and the competition will be held at Luthra’s house so I’m going there. Nidhi says to Shurya don’t worry you will win the challenge and how. Preeta says to Shrishti I know we asked Rajveer not to go if still he went there I’ll go and get him.

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