Kumkum Bhagya 26th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Ranbir on a mission to search Khushi

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The Episode starts with the Inspector asking the guy if he has seen Ranbir, showing his photo. The guy says I didn’t see him, but he seems to be a film hero. The Inspector asks him to go. The detective asks Akshay if he got a call. Akshay says he got a call from the office. She says she didn’t ask and says you are getting defensive. Akshay says no. The detective tells that she is here to locate Khushi. She says she has to doubt on everyone here, be it Mr. Tandon who has hired me or Akshay. Akshay says everyone knows that Ranbir has done this. She says she knows to do the work. Ranbir comes to the factory and sees Rana knocking on the door twice and then stopping and then knocking it again, and says nice password. The other goon open the door. Rana gets inside and closes the door. He makes a call to ask for ransom. Prachi says it is an unknown number and picks the call. He says hello. Prachi says I want to talk to my daughter. He says he called her to do his work first. Prachi asks what? Just then he sees Ranbir’s feet and disconnects the call. He tells his goons that they shall change their place. Prachi calls him and says pick up the call. Rana takes Khushi away from there. Ranbir breaks the door and gets inside. He hears the phone ringing as Rana has left his phone. Ranbir searches for the phone and picks the call. Prachi says on call and says whoever you are, I will give you money and asks him not to harm her daughter, and return her to her. Ranbir says Khushi will be found, we will get her, as I came here. Prachi says Ranbir. Ranbir says I will save Khushi and will bring her to you directly. Akshay gets tensed. Ranbir searches for the goons. He sees them trying to open the door. He asks them to leave his daughter else he will not leave them. The goon opens the door, while other shoots at Ranbir and they escape with Khushi. Ranbir bends down and gets saved. The goons locks the door before leaving. Ranbir asks them to open the door. He pushes the door and it opens.

Akshay tells everyone that Ranbir is with the kidnapper as he picked the goon’s call. He says it means that he has escaped from the PS. He says I shall talk to Inspector. He calls Inspector and tells him that Ranbir has fled from your PS. Inspector says my team is behind him. Akshay says if it is the PS or what? Prachi asks Detective Ritika, how we will find Khushi? Ritika takes the call and asks Inspector to inform her just as he gets any info. She ends the call and asks Akshay if he will search Khushi or scold Police. Akshay says sorry and goes inside. Ritika’s team comes there. She asks them to start the work.

Akshay goes to his room and calls Rana. Rana and the goons are in the car. The car suddenly stops. Rana gets down and asks the goon to check the car. Akshay calls him and asks what is going on, I heard Ranbir’s voice. Rana says I gave you my another number. Akshay says if you get caught then I will not help you. Rana says if we get trapped then you will be trapped too. He says it is your mistake, if you had given me money then I wouldn’t have come to your house and nobody would see me. He then asks how Ranbir came out lock up, you should have taken care. The guy helping Ranbir sees Rana’s car and informs him. Prachi calls Ranbir and asks where are you? Ranbir says I am trying to search our daughter. Prachi says she knows that he is with Khushi. Ranbir says I had reached there where Khushi was kept, they shot at me and escaped locking the door, and my time is wasted and I couldn’t locate them. Prachi asks him to tell where is Khushi and says she will not do anything. Ritika’s team is tracing the call. Ranbir says I am searching her. Prachi asks him to say where is Khushi? Ranbir says she is our daughter and I will bring her to you, and I haven’t kidnapped her. Prachi asks him to say. Mihika sees the call getting traced and disconnects the call. She says nobody will trace him, he will bring Khushi. Akshay slaps her hard shocking everyone.

Ranbir comes to the guy. The guy says he has stolen taxi for him. Ranbir asks why you are helping me. The guy says I have lost my daughter and I die every day, and says may be my daughter will get some peace with my help. Ranbir asks the guy, if he is sure that they went this way. The guy says yes. Vishaka asks Akshay, why did he slap his sister. Akshay says Mihika is mad for Akshay. Manpreet and Ashok scold Akshay. Prachi says we shall focus on Khushi and asks him not to do any drama and says you are distracting us. He says I am searching my daughter and says I don’t think that anyone is interested to get Khushi back. He says if Mihika had not cut the call, then we would have reached Ranbir and brought Khushi back. Mihika says nobody is good than Ranbir and praises him to be sensible, kind etc. Ashok says let them do their work. Mihika says even you doubt Ranbir, until yesterday you was trusting him. She says why nobody is trusting him now, and says Ranbir has saved me from goons and saved Prachi from terrorists. She says nobody shall blame Ranbir, and says I will be here and will not go anywhere. Vishaka asks her not to stress herself and sit.

Ashok says sorry to Ritika for his family drama. Ritika says we are humans and it happens. She tells Prachi that they will trace the call when it comes again. Rana looks back, and tells that they are saved, their destiny is good. The goon driving the car, tells Rana that the taxi is following us. Rana sees Ranbir in the taxi and asks goon to speed up. Ranbir asks the guy to drive faster so that they can catch him. They are stopped seeing the Police checkpost. Rana asks the goon to speed up the car to escape from there. Ranbir’s taxi also follows Rana’s car. Inspector sees Ranbir and says they shall follow the car. Akshay thinks if Mihika had let them trace Ranbir, then he would have been caught by now. Ritika’s team member asks why Ranbir will call again. Prachi says I will search Ranbir and will ask him about Khushi. Ritika says Ranbir is smart. Akshay thinks Ranbir is smart, though he doesn’t know that investigators are here, and thinks Ranbir must be reaching Rana’s location and thinks to go and handle the matter.

Mihika asks Prachi to say if Ranbir can do this. Prachi says seeing Akshay’s facts, it looks like Ranbir has done this. Mihika asks her to ask her heart. Manpreet says it is difficult to say. Prachi asks Ritika. Ritika says Ranbir is the striking player now, my experience says that call will come.

Precap: Vishaka tells Akshay that Ranbir’s call is traced and he is in Bakshi chawl. Akshay hits Prachi from back side and makes her unconscious. Ranbir and the guy reach there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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