Keh Doon Tumhein 27th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Shreyas gets a job

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The Episode starts with Vikrant meeting Yadav and asking about the missing girls investigation. Yadav says I have no time and men to find out. Vikrant thanks him and goes. Shreyas tells his research info to Yadav. Yadav says amazing, you have much info about the murder cases. He asks Garud to get the missing cases files. He says Kirti was saying that one man might be connected to all the girls. Shreyas says maybe, I m not sure. Garud gets the files. Yadav says join the files, we will investigate the missing cases. Shreyas asks will I work with you, I m okay with it. Yadav says I m also okay with it. Kirti comes to talk to Madhuri. Dadi asks where is my stick. Puru says its here. Kirti says its her walking stick. Puru says I m colouring it. Dadi gets angry. Kirti gets sad on her face. Madhuri says don’t any anything, I will clean this. Kirti says I had to talk to you, Sarkar… Madhuri teases her.

Shreyas comes and says thanks, you filed a complaint by mistake, police likes my research and offered me a job. Kirti asks really. Shreyas says yes, I will help them in solving the case. Sudhakar asks about salary. Shreyas says I won’t get money, but a certificate, it will help me bag a job in forensics, I will work on Anjali’s case first. A man comes and says I m electrician, Vikrant is giving the room on rent. Sudhakar says Sarkar didn’t tell me anything. Kirti asks about Anju’s case. Shreyas says we are trying. They discuss the case. He asks how will we get the info. She smiles. Vikrant is on the way and thinks of Kirti. He smiles. He sees the crowd. He goes to see. He sees the posters of missing girls pics. Kirti sees the posters. She cries and hugs Shreyas. She says you are working hard for the girls you don’t know, I m so proud of you. He says it was your idea, I hope the people help us. He goes for work. She sends the audio to Anjali’s dad… Anju will get justice soon.

Neha asks for 1000rs for Mascara. Sudhakar says I m going to open the shop. Vikrant meets Bittu. He shows the chemical boxes. He says there is no way left, wherever you have buried the girls, put this chemical, it will ruin the bodies, hurry up, police won’t get anything. Bittu asks how did you think of this. Vikrant says you shouldn’t ask. Bittu says I will do. He takes the boxes.

Bittu asks for money. Vikrant gives money and says go to village for some days. Bittu asks why, did I make some mistake. Vikrant shows the poster. Bittu gets worried. Vikrant says police is doubting that these girls were killed, do the work and leave Panchghati else you will go to jail. Kirti comes to school. She talks to the student. The librarian says your mood looks good today. She says yes. He says you look very nice today. She says you also look good. A student comes to ask for money. The man says go and find it in shelf. Kirti says I will get it. The man applies perfume and goes to Kirti. He holds her hair. She turns. He says your hair are beautiful, you are very beautiful. She screams. The students come and look on. She leaves. Principal asks her to have water. He says we don’t tolerate this, I promise I will take strict action. Vikrant comes to the police station. He asks whose idea was it to put posters. Yadav says mine. Vikrant scolds him. Garud says Shreyas’ theory is such, one man is behind all the murders, we thought people can help us when we announce the reward. Vikrant says everyone is panicking seeing the posters. He gets angry on them. Yadav says tell me what to do, I will do. Vikrant asks what can we do now. Yadav says we will remove the posters. Vikrant says as you find right. He gets principal’s call. Principal says librarian tries to misbehave with Kirti. Vikrant says I m coming.

Vikrant says we will make a new start. Kirti comes to meet him. She falls. He holds her hand.

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